By James Walling
The Courier 

Slick Roads Make for Dicey Driving


November 8, 2017

Kaitlin Cusker / For the Courier

Local rancher Kaitlin Cusker's vehicle spun out of control near Nashua on Nov. 4.

Kaitlin Cusker had a close call on Highway 2 at Nashua on Nov. 4. Snow and ice combined to make a routine southbound turn a genuine cause for alarm for the local rancher. Instead of completing the turn through town, Cusker's truck and trailer veered across the center lane and ended up on the north side of the highway facing the opposite direction. Luckily, nobody was hurt and Cusker is back at work. The moral: If if can happen to a local rancher, it can happen to you. Valley County Sheriff Vernon Buerkle told the Courier, "Everybody needs to be aware of winter driving conditions. Slow down, wear your seat-belts, and be aware of other traffic." Please keep it in mind.


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