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Letter to the Editor

No Longer a Fan


October 25, 2017

One of the most beautiful things about football is the presentation of the flag of the United States of America during the national anthem and Air Force I flying over the stadium. It takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes. Now we are being denied this beauty by the media to protect the spoiled million-dollar football players who refuse to honor our country in a respectful manner.

I’m under the impression that their football contract requires that players, coaches and all personnel must stand at attention with helmets in left hand and the right hand over the heart. Why aren’t those not honoring this requirement being fined?

I have been the biggest fan of football for many years, but I have never been so disappointed in a sport in my entire life. My number-one team has been the Packers and number two, the Cowboys – but no more. Because I am a bigger fan of my country and will not support anything that disrespects the United States of America and the men and women who have fought and died for it.

– Fay Dear



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