By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Blessed with Rainfall


September 27, 2017

I cannot remember a year like this. I do know that weather records indicate that we have not seen this before, however I do know that our ancestors suffered major droughts during the dust bowl days. I think of all the old homestead sites located in our area. All of the hopes and dreams of those people. Almost all of those sites of course were located on or near a water source, but even so there had to be times there was no water. Maybe there was underground water, but no electricity for pumps, no solar energy, or generators to be used, just the trusty windmill, and not every homestead had a windmill. Not only did livestock and crops suffer, but people, too.

No gardens, probably nothing green for miles, which may be why dandelion greens became a food item. There is little wonder so many vacated their home sites to take a chance elsewhere. We are tough people, and survival is in our genes, whether it be fire, flood or drought. With modern conveniences, good neighbors, prayer and not to forget government help, we will make it through and this will only be a ‘Remember. ‘

So many prayers have been answered! Yes, this moisture is a little late, but we are not watching the horizon every moment for signs of smoke. We were blessed in that we received at least an inch of rain. I know that some received more and others a lot less, but it has helped raise spirits greatly.


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