By Dane Osen
The Courier 

Caution Urged as County Road Projects Continue


August 30, 2017

Dane Osen / The Courier

With several projects across the county currently in progress, drivers are being urged to keep an eye out and obey traffic signs. Crews have reported several instances where vehicles have drove past barriers and signs indicating road closures. Neglecting to follow construction signs can put workers at risk for injury, job site delays, result in traffic citations and could cause damage to your vehicle.

Valley County Commissioners announced that they have approved the paving of a small stretch of Sunny Hills Road. The project will run from the highway to the top of the hill on the road, located just west of town. Century Paving has been contracted for the project, with construction to begin after the company finishes their work on Airport Road.

This year, hunters are urged to take extra precautions due to the fire risks brought on by the dry conditions this summer. Two things hunters can do to minimize the possibility of creating a fire is to keep vehicles on roads and carry a fire extinguisher. Taking the necessary precautions, hunters can minimize the possibility of creating a fire that could quickly become unmanageable. By staying alert and cautious while out in the field pursuing game, hunters can be the first line of defense in preventing wildfires.


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