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Generosity is Learned


August 16, 2017

Roubie Younkin / For The Courier

Cache Younkin poses near the Valley County Events Center.

The 2017 Northeast Montana Fair is but a memory, but the measurable impacts will continue long into the future. As reports of the 4-H/FFA Market Livestock sale travel throughout Valley and the surrounding counties, we are impressed by the outpouring of support our 4-H and FFA members have received from our generous community. Purchasing an animal at the sale is so much more than a photo in the paper or meat in the freezer. It is a strong message to our youth that "you matter" and "we support your learning experiences regardless of how positive or merely impressive they might be." Sometimes the greatest lesson is in "the fail" rather than the success.

The true value of the community's support of the 4-H livestock members is the message they hear. This year, that message reverberated across the fairgrounds as the members carried on the tradition of giving and chose to pass it on.

Randi and Trevor Klind offered to donate their alternate pig to the 4-H Council and earmark it for the Garfield Fire Foundation. Cache and Cordell Younkin followed suit by donating their alternate lamb. Brooke and Blaire Westby donated another lamb as did Tristan Powell. Other 4-H members pledged a portion of the proceeds of their sale animals to be deducted from their final check.

The spirit of giving did not stop there however as the Fire Fund animals were sold and resold then sold again; to the tune of $4,376.25. The member donations totaled $1,365 to the Garfield Fire Foundation and the Valley County 4-H Council sent their support to the fuel fund. That brought the total contributions to $5,877.36! They are watching, learning and applying what they learn. The essence of experiential education. We are certainly raising a generation of young people with giving hearts.

Fire Fund buyers include:

Jeff Younkin/Younkin Law, Floyd Nelson, Pro Coop, Wayne Waarvik, R & G Quality Feeds, Kristin McColly, LR Simpson Construction, Saco Dehy, Bob Potter and Bear Paw Meats.

4-H Member Contributors:

Randi Klind,Trevor Klind, Cache Younkin, Cordell Younkin, Brooke Westby, Blaire Westby, Tristan Powell, Daley Aune, Tel Aune, Laynee Simpson, Kaylee King, Charlie Cornwell, Jack Cornwell, BaiLee McColly, John McColly, CharLee McColly, Kaitlyn McColly, Kate Parks, Gage Siefert, Shaylin Barnett, Halle Beil, Chaykota Christensen, Madde Swindler, Myli Swindler, Carissa Wixson, Sarah Law, Mattea McColly, Kodi McColly, Shelby Fuhrmann, Mandy Fuhrmann, Loden Idler, Tia Hallock, Mickayla Johnson, Trey Johnson, Joni Pankratz, Maddy Uphaus, Tristen Benner, Peyton Smith, Ashton Smith, Elise Strommen, Kade Strommen, Cienna Strommen, RyLee Mix, Emmah Mix, Brielle Partridge, Matt Reyling and Bailee Baxter.


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