By James Walling
The Courier 

GPD Reminder: Lock Your Doors


August 2, 2017

The Glasgow Police Department would like to remind area residents to help reduce vehicle break-ins and property theft by locking the doors to property and vehicles.

GPD Prevention Specialist Jennifer Fuller explains, “There is a common field of thought in policing that a considerable amount of crime prevention can be achieved in two ways: by changing the thinking of the criminal or by limiting the opportunity to offend.”

“It is reasonable to believe,” asserts Fuller, “that there will always be another criminal ready to step up if one changes their ways. What is important to remember is that we can each play a significant role in limiting the likelihood of becoming a crime victim.”

According to Fuller, steps taken to increase the effort of crime are called “hardening of targets.” Some of the most basic but effective crime-fighting tools available to the public include locking doors to cars, sheds, garages and houses and removing or concealing valuables from cars, storage spaces and windows.

Fuller also reminds readers to park vehicles in accessible, visible locations.

If you think you have been the victim of a property crime, make a report with the Glasgow Police Department. They can be reached at 406-228-8050.


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