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2017 Monster Cat Roundup Held in Sidney

Flaten Brothers Crack Top Ten


Summer heat can make for difficult days on the water. For tournament fishing, it adds a level of difficulty that is tough to quantify. This year's 9th Annual Monster Cat Roundup held in Sidney July 15 was a fine example of what you can expect when you hit the Yellowstone River in mid-July. The Monster Cat Roundup is always held the third weekend of July, so it typically coincides with the spawn or the post-spawn period for the species at stake, the Channel Catfish. The water temperature was nipping at 78 degrees and the outdoor temperature hovered around triple digits the week leading up to the event. Tournament time was no different, as temps reached the high 90s, and anglers up and down the river were experiencing fish in a "lock-jaw" pattern. Add in the river flows that were rapidly receding and everything was leading up to an overall difficult day of fishing for the full field of 60 teams (56 jet boats, 4 shore).

A brighter note was that 51 teams still managed to bring fish to the scales. Numbers were certainly out there to be had, but size proved to be at a premium. No one put together a day quite like the Seder brothers, out of Billings. Siblings Rod and Rob Seder could manage only six catfish during the eight-hour event. However, five of those cats had enough size to push the anglers to just over 23 lbs. With their 23.06 lb. basket, the Seder's claimed the 9th Annual Monster Cat Roundup title. Rod quipped, "This tourney has been very tough on us. We have taken our beatings here, so it's sure really nice to get one." The Seders are longtime veterans of the Montana Cats Circuit and have experienced plenty of success in the past. The duo boasts two top-three finishes in the Missouri River Catfish Clash in Williston, N.D., while Rod also has a Yellowstone Challenge championship in Huntley under his belt.

Finishing less than one pound out of the winner's circle, local anglers, James Decker, Sidney and Steve Lowery, Fairview, boated 10 cats on the day. Their five-fish limit proved impressive at 22.47 lbs. Rounding out the top three was two-time champions, Brenner Flaten, Glasgow, and Chad Dawson, Dickinson, N.D. at 21.42 lbs. The long-time teammates managed only seven catfish during the tournament but considered themselves fortunate at the end of the day. Flaten remarked, "We had one fish, for one pound, with two hours left. Our last spot paid off for six fish and all five of our keepers. We kept fishing hard."

Chris Peterson and Chad Bright, both of Sidney, grabbed fourth place with 20.38 lbs. Last season's Montana Cats Anglers of the Year, Randy Franco and Nick Fortier, both of Billings, grabbed the fifth spot with the only other 20 lb. basket of the day. The powerful anglers' 20.35 lbs. was aided greatly by Franco's 10.0 lb. pig that they boated with less than 15 minutes remaining. The monster cat proved to be the largest of the day and worth a wall-hanging plaque and the $200 cash prize.

As the dust settles after the third leg of the 2017 tour, the

B n' M Poles Angler of the Year is once again up for grabs. Six individuals sit in prime position to capture the prestigious award at next month's Missouri River Catfish Clash, with plenty of other anglers waiting in the wings and ready to take advantage. "The Clash" is scheduled to be held in Williston, N.D., on Saturday August 19. As of press time, the event is half full.

Complete Results:

1. Rod Seder and Rob Seder, Billings, 23.06 lbs.

2. James Decker, Sidney, and Steve Lowrey, Fairview, 22.47 lbs.

3. Brenner Flaten, Glasgow, and Chad Dawson, Dickinson, N.D., 21.42 lbs.

4. Chris Peterson, Savage, and Chad Bright, Sidney, 20.38 lbs.

5. Randy Franco and Nick Fortier, Billings, 20.35 lbs.

6. Justin Jones and Lily Jones, Sidney, 19.80 lbs.

7. Pete Windsor and Chance Windsor, Sidney, 19.47 lbs.

8. Brady Flaten, Glasgow, and Nate Molstad, Havre, 18.54 lbs.

9. Lori Nelson and Heidi Berglund, Sidney, 17.68 lbs.

10. Derek Carda and Adam Smith, Sidney, 17.48 lbs.

11. Casey Peterson and Tobin Bell, Sidney, 16.66 lbs.

12. Justin King, Sidney, and Jer Hopstad, Billings, 16.51 lbs.

13. Josh Marottek, Medicine Lake, and Charles Marottek, Poplar, 16.13 lbs.

14. Sam Syth and Fran Syth, Sidney, 15.86 lbs.

15. Zac Bushman and Matt Bushman, 15.60 lbs.

16. Zach McPherson, Savage, and Jalyssa Gorder, Sidney, 14.03 lbs.

17. Todd Dooley and Jordan Dooley, Sidney, 13.51 lbs.

18. Steve Harris Sr. and Chad Nelson, Sidney, 13.49 lbs.

19. Blake Gauer and Lindsey Gauer, Park City, 13.32 lbs.

20. CJ Truesdale and Jim Truesdale, Miles City, 12.95 lbs.

21. Chad Rolison and Jeremiah Johnson, Laurel, 12.37 lbs.

22. Joe Carpenter, Squaw Gap, ND., John Sult, Sidney, 11.69 lbs.

23. Bob Clifton and Lexie Phipps, Fairview, 11.67 lbs.

24. Bobby Wise and Robert Wise, Billings, 11.11 lbs.

25. Troy Cotter and Michael Licking, Sidney, 10.96 lbs.

26. Scott Schmidt and Shane Litten, Sidney, 10.94 lbs.

27. Ryan Dempsey and Austin Bement, Sidney, 10.82 lbs.

28. Kyle Mueller and Trent Schilling, Sidney, 10.47 lbs.

29. Brady Mueller and Brandon Mueller, Sidney, 10.45 lbs.

30. Dan Achten and Amber Achten, Billings, 10.43 lbs.

31. James Bergeron and Marty Ross, Sidney, 10.18 lbs.

32. Ben Unterseher, Glasgow, and Jeff Unterseher, Glendive, 9.96 lbs.

33. Nicole Peterson, Savage, and Hailee Moore, Sidney, 9.52 lbs.

34. Clint Wilson and Luke See, Sidney, 7.35 lbs.

35. Cole Plouffe and Austin Ekland, Glendive, 6.89 lbs.

36. Otis Oblander, Ballantine, and Austin Oblander, Huntley, 6.63 lbs.

37. Jordan Van Haele and Sam Adams, Miles City, 6.41 lbs.

38. Larry Turbiville and JD Turbiville, Sidney, 5.81 lbs.

39. Matt Reynolds and Carrie Niblock, Sidney, 5.71 lbs.

40. Troy Hafele and Val Damron, Savage, 5.56 lbs.

41. Bryan Armour and Hooper Armour, Lewistown, 5.53 lbs.

42. Shane Gorder and Brennan Gorder, Sidney, 5.43 lbs.

43. Darin Eschenbacher, Savage, and Jim Wenzel, Sidney, 5.06 lbs.

44. Darrel Berglund and Fred Verhasselt, Sidney, 4.90 lbs.

45. Corey Bushman and Cody Evans, Billings, 4.48 lbs.

46. Eric Kougioulis and Josh Schmitt, Sidney, 4.10 lbs.

47. Kevin Howie, Billings, and Rochelle Howie, Sidney, 3.59 lbs.

48. Parker Moore and Miranda O'Connor, Sidney, 2.78 lbs.

49. Ryan Mehling and Presley Mehling, Hardin, 1.76 lbs.

50. Ron Miller and Gary Miller, Sidney, 1.68 lbs.

51. Pam Carpenter and Clay Carpenter, Squaw Gap, N.D., 0.72 lbs.

Big Fish Award: Randy Franco, 10.00 lbs.

Second-Biggest Fish Award: James Decker, 8.71 lbs.


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