By Josie Braaten
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Staffing Changes at FMDH


Change is in the air at Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital with extensive renovations and space repurposing on the horizon, and that spirit of change doesn’t stop at the building. Since March of 2017, six new department directors or managers have joined the ranks of FMDH leadership. Although some of the newly appointed leaders have worked at the hospital for years, while others are new to the FMDH family, all are eager to put their unique personalities to use in order to best serve FMDH and consequently, the community.

Derek Beadle, who has been on staff at FMDH since 2013, is the newly appointed Director of Rehabilitation Services. “It’s like stepping in and coaching the dream team” says Beadle of his recent appointment, referencing his experienced staff and the trust he has in the quality of their patient care. Being able to provide people with a higher quality of life is what Beadle loves most about his profession. This passion is evident in his enthusiasm for the new services that the department will be providing in the near future and working closely with the other hospital departments to bring patients the most well-rounded care experience possible.

Jeff Damboise, the newly appointed maintenance manager, has been on staff with FMDH for approximately four years. Damboise, who began working in his new capacity in March, is eager to build a positive work environment for those in his department, while making sure the facility is optimal for patient care and employee experience. “It’s of those things, when you don’t hear about us, you know things are running smoothly,” said Damboise of the maintenance department’s vital role in hospital operation.

Dirk Monson, a new addition to the FMDH team, began working at his new position as Safety Officer/ Project Manager in early May. The position involves making sure the hospital is in compliance with vital safety regulations in order to practice medicine, as well as, being the go-between party for departments and staff affected by future construction plans and the hired architects. Monson is excited about the upcoming construction, and finds the idea of the challenge it will bring to be motivating.

Terri Tucker, a transplant from Yuma, Colo., joined FMDH as the new Lab Director in early July. Upon arriving for her interview, Tucker was impressed by the facility, atmosphere, and people at FMDH. “Something just felt right,” said Tucker of her initial experience at FMDH. With a passion for doing everything in her power to give her patients the best care possible, Tucker is excited to be apart and give back to the hospital and community that she feels such a connection with.

Judy Wesely, an FMDH employee of 10 years, assumed the role of Health Information Management Director at the start of July. With a staff of six, the department manages and regulates the health records of FMDH patients. Wesely emphasized her affection and commitment for and to her department, “I work with a great group of ladies,” said Wesely of her co-workers. With a shift being made toward an electronic, paperless record system, Wesely is striving to make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible for the department she loves.

Though the new managers and directors have varied backgrounds and work in vastly differing capacities, each is passionate about their commitment to the FMDH mission statement of providing quality patient care in the best work environment possible.


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