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By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Another Pleasant Remember


There are days when I find myself wondering why I even watch the news channels. The other day I tuned on TV, taking a break while I ate some lunch, only to happen upon the title of a talk show, “Breast feeding is not natural.” Now this might not be a good “remember” item, but just where would your mind go if you were to read that title? Never in the days of my generation would that have ever been a discussion.

Of course, past generations were much closer to the land and reality of things. Basically, I decided the whole issue was the use of the word “Natural.” Just take a drive down any country road this time of year and observe all of the little calves, lambs, etc. enjoying a quick snack before going on with their play and rest time. Remember when skinning a newborn calf or lamb was the practice to get mommy to accept another baby? All of these “remembers” just bring to mind lots of work. I must admit that I prefer a lot of the good old things, but on the other hand, there are a whole lot of new things that I would really hate to give up.

Another more pleasant “remember” -- remember stopping along the road this time of year to gather a bouquet of sweet peas, blue bells or crocuses? Some of you may remember getting off of a horse a time or two, in order to gather a few of these lovely spring flowers to take home to a loved one. My children remember gathering sweet peas on their way to country school, so the teacher could enjoy some of the smells and look of spring. Most country schools are gone but the flowers live on. I traveled to Billings a short while ago and was really surprised at the amount of sweet peas I could see along the road and in the surrounding pastures. One of the blessings of rural life.


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