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By Georgie Kulczyk
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Thunder Hosts Invitational Swim Meet, Finishes Fourth

Kaiser, Sand, Krumwiede Emerge as Team Leaders


Sean Heavey/For the Courier

An aerial shot of the Glasgow pool shows a typical "v" formation of swimmers during a race. The shot was snapped during the meet held in Glasgow June 24 and 25.

The Glasgow Kiwanis Swim Team hosted their home meet June 24 and 25, and finished fourth overall out of 10 competitive teams. Three perennial powerhouse teams, Sidney, Lewistown and Scobey, placed in the top three.

Head coach Nicole Arnold noted that despite finishing out of the top three, the Thunder had a strong showing at the meet. "The three teams that beat Glasgow all had more swimmers competing," she explained.

Three veteran swimmers led the team with first-place finishes in their events. Katie Kaiser finished on top in the 50m freestyle, the 400m freestyle, and the 100m backstroke. Dalton Sand had first-place finishes in the 200m individual medley, the 50m freestyle, and the 50m butterfly. Klaire Krumwiede took home first place in the 200m freestyle. With their three first-place finishes, Kaiser and Sand were awarded high-point honors in their age groups.

This week's GKST Athlete of the Meet goes to Zavier Urbin. Urbin is a new swimmer to the 13-14 age group. However, despite his age, he placed in the top six in all of his individual events. In addition, he dropped a total of 10.7 seconds in his three events, which produced personal bests in each.

Several other swimmers dropped considerable amounts of time in their events: Damian Cable (-3.22) 100m freestyle; Riley Clampitt (-2.79) 50m breaststroke; Raelee Dowden (-3.97) 200m individual medley and (-11.15) 200m freestyle; Klaire Krumwiede (-10.96) 200m freestyle; Sophia Larsen (-21.19) 100m individual medley; Noah Lippert (1.22) 50m freestyle and (-6.77) 50m breaststroke; Bergen Miller (-1.47) 100m freestyle and (-17.36) 200m freestyle; Emmah Mix (-10.59) 50m butterfly; Kate Parks (-20.68) 200m individual medley; Cooper Reddies (-11.29) 50m freestyle; Ava Reyes (-4.26) 50m freestyle; and Myli Swindler (-2.66) 100m individual medley.

The Thunder will be in Malta Saturday, July 1, and Sunday July 2, for another weekend of competition.

Individual Results

Damian Cable (Boys 13-14)

8th, 100m freestyle, 2:09.20; 6th, 50m butterfly, 1:21.73.

Riley Clampitt (Girls 9-10)

11th, 100m individual medley, 2:33.25; 12th, 50m breaststroke, 1:05.92.

Raelee Dowden (Girls 13-14)

2nd, 200m individual medley, 3:28.94; 4th, 200m freestyle, 3:01.15.

Jazmine Foster-Shaw (Girls 15-19)

10th, 50m freestyle, 42.30; 10th, 100m freestyle, 1:41.10; 6th, 100m backstroke, 2:11.20.

Stevie Hartwell (Girls 11-12)

12th, 50m backstroke, 1:03.47.

Katie Kaiser (Girls 15-19)

1st, 50m freestyle, 30.66; 1st, 100m backstroke, 1:19.94; 1st, 400m freestyle, 5:35.86.

Klaire Krumwiede (Girls 13-14)

3rd, 50m freestyle, 33.81; 2nd, 100m freestyle, 1:13.96; 1st, 200m freestyle, 2:47.07.

Abigail Kulczyk (Girls 9-10)

9th, 100m individual medley, 2:10.75; 6th, 50m breaststroke, 1:03.25; 12th, 100m freestyle, 1:47.55.

Sophia Larson (Girls 9-10)

7th, 100m individual medley, 2:06.62; 4th, 50m breaststroke, 1:00.83.

Noah Lippert (Boys 11-12)

2nd, 200m individual medley, 4:25.31; 3rd, 50m freestyle, 42.99; 3rd, 50m breaststroke, 51.39.

Iris McKean (Girls 11-12)

9th, 50m breaststroke, 50.97; 9th, 100m freestyle, 1:32.08; 8th, 50m backstroke, 50.60.

Ben Miller (Boys 15-19)

6th, 100m breaststroke, 1:30.43; 4th, 100m freestyle, 1:10.02; 3rd, 400m freestyle, 5:54.73.

Bergen Miller (Boys 13-14)

3rd, 100m breaststroke, 1:39.38; 3rd, 100m freestyle, 1:20.57; 5th, 200m freestyle, 2:58.62.

Emmah Mix (Girls 9-10)

9th, 50m butterfly, 1:10.49.

Allie Palm (Girls 9-10)

2nd, 50m backstroke, 1:06.92; 8th, 50m butterfly, 1:08.59.

Kate Parks (Girls 11-12)

6th, 200m individual medley, 4:04.93.

Tommi Prewett (Girls 11-12)

4th, 200m individual medley, 3:41.44; 7th, 50m freestyle, 38.51; 6th, 50m breaststroke, 50.71.

DJ Rasmusan (Girls 15-19)

3rd, 50m freestyle, 34.94; 3rd, 100m freestyle, 1:19.48; 3rd, 400m freestyle, 6:23.58.

Cooper Reddies (Boys 9-10)

10th, 50m freestyle, 1:01.24; 8th, 50m backstroke, 1:22.41.

Ava Reyes (Girls 11-12)

6th, 50m freestyle, 39.25; 10th, 50m breaststroke, 54.07; 6th, 50m backstroke, 48.60.

Grace Reyes (Girls 8 & Under)

11th, 25m freestyle, 27.34; 5th, 25m breaststroke, 36.77; 4th, 25m butterfly, 35.29.

Kambria Ross (Girls 11-12)

8th, 200m individual medley, 5:02.39.

Dalton Sand (Boys 11-12)

1st, 200m individual medley, 3:03.54; 1st, 50m freestyle, 31.00; 1st, 50m butterfly, 36.34;

Natosha Sand (Girls 15-19)

4th, 50m freestyle, 35.71; 7th, 100m freestyle, 1:19.39; 2nd, 50m butterfly, 41.14.

Myli Swindler (Girls 9-10)

10th, 100m individual medley, 2:17.98; 7th, 50m breaststroke, 1:02.65; 1th, 50m butterfly, 1:11.93.

Haylly Turner (Girls 11-12)

12th, 50m breaststroke, 56.17; 8th, 200m freestyle, 3:41.34.

Zavier Urbin (Boys 13-14)

4th, 100m freestyle,1:22.49; 5th, 100m backstroke,1:39.72; 6th, 200m freestyle, 3:03.03.

Relay Results

Girls 8 & Under 100m freestyle relay: 3rd, 1:57.61 (Peyton Birkoski, Haleigh Huntsman, Kolbi Ross, Grace Reyes)

Girls 9-10 100m freestyle relay: 3rd, 1:21.89 (Sophia Larson, Abigail Kulczyk, Allie Palm, Emmah Mix)

Girls 11-12 200m freestyle relay: 6th, 2:50.60, (Kate Parks, Kambria Ross, Haylly Turner, Tommi Prewett); 8th, 3:38.45, (Rylee Mix, Riley Clampitt, Torrance Braaten, Stevie Hartwell)

Boys 13-14 200m freestyle relay: 2nd, 2:36.79 (Bergen Miller, Zavier Urbin, Damian Cable, Dalton Sand)

Girls 13-14 200m freestyle relay: 2nd, 2:26.18 (Raelee Dowden, Iris McKean, Ava Reyes, Klaire Krumwiede)

Girls 15-19 200m freestyle relay: 2nd, 2:22.57 (DJ Rasmusan, Jazmine Foster-Shaw, Natosha Sand, Katie Kaiser)

Girls 9-10 100m medley relay: 3rd, 1:45.81 (Abigail Kulczyk, Sophia Larson, Emmah Mix, Allie Palm)

Girls 11-12 200m medley relay: 6th, 3:51.51 (Rylee Mix, Haylly Turner, Tommi Prewett, Myli Swindler)

Boys 13-14 200m medley relay: 2nd, 3:04.70 (Zavier Urbin, Bergen Miller, Dalton Sand, Damian Cable)

Girls 13-14 200m medley relay: 4th, 2:53.63 (Ava Reyes, Iris McKean, Raelee Dowden, Klaire Krumwiede)

Girls 15-19 200m medley relay: 1st, 2:53.20 (Katie Kaiser, DJ Rasmusan, Natosha Sand, Jazmine Foster-Shaw)

Team Results

Jordan Kulczyk/For the Courier

Allie Palm swims the 50m backstroke during the swim meet held in Glasgow June 24 and 25. Palm finished second in the event with a time of 1:06.92.

1 Sidney 666

2 Lewistown 633

3 Scobey 620

4 Glasgow 481. 50

5 Glendive 461

6 Plentywood 451

7 Malta 340. 50

8 Chinook 294

9 Harlem 233

10 Roundup 196


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