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By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

The Really Dry Years


O.K. readers, I lied a little bit. I have been fortunate enough to not have a second elbow surgery immediately, so will try to come up with a few memories.

I have heard on the radio that our weather conditions are being recorded as the driest since the 30s. I thought the early 80s were bad, but like a lot of things, we find there are always worse situations.

Those of us that make a living from the soil remember those years more than others. I know that we have areas locally that are drier than others, but I think that good crops, whether grain, hay, or summer pasture, are not going to happen this year. Some of you do remember some of those really dry years from the past.

I recall stories of ranchers putting up thistles for winter feed. That was before our modern machinery.

We all know how easily thistles blow in the wind, so it makes sense to me that these thistles had to be contained in something and stomped down to keep from blowing. Salt was usually added to these thistles, making them more palatable to the livestock.

Can you imagine tromping a bunch of thistles with a heavy layer of salt added. I wonder what kind of protection they wore to protect their legs. Good or bad, I doubt that option is one that would be taken in today’s world.

I am sure many of us are praying for rain, and I sincerely hope those prayers are answered.


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