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By Sandy Laumeyer
Just a Thought 

FPST, Hope for Rain, Lucky Clovers


Sunday was a delightful day for me. Our son, Carl, and his family treated me to the Sunday matinee of Arsenic and Old Lace at the Fort Peck Summer Theatre and dinner afterwards at the Gateway.

The people who worked so hard to bring live theatre to our area deserve a huge amount of thanks. Over the years, so many local people have taken up the challenge of appearing on stage, giving everyone who attends the theatre a sense of pride and even ownership in this phenomenal project.

So if you are looking for somewhere to take your guests this summer put Fort Peck Summer Theatre at the top of your list. You won’t be sorry.

The wind we’ve had over the past month have stirred memories of the 1980s when our area suffered from drought. Memories of clouds of dust that scoured my glasses when I went to the pastures around the house to feed the cows and calves. Memories of newborn calves choking on dust. Seeing so much dirt piled in amongst tumbleweeds caught in the fences that it formed a windbreak for the livestock. Memories of it taking 45 minutes to drive three miles with a pickup loaded with hay.

Every time a couple of clouds appeared in the sky, hope sprang up that we were going to get some rain. As quickly as the clouds showed up they disappeared just as fast, leaving sadness behind them.

Farmers and ranchers struggled with hope and despair. They were constantly trying to come up with solutions to keeping their bills paid, to providing for their families.

But somehow the strong, indomitable, persevering people of the prairie faced their challenges and overcame them. They managed to survive, made even stronger at the end. And they will do so again.

Saturday, a group of young people gave up part of their day to paint the garage that belongs to Queen of Angels Catholic Church in Nashua. Carrying cans of paint and brushes, they tackled the job and in a couple of hours had completed the project.

This was another example of how members of a 4-H club helps out in the community they­ live in. The Lucky Clover 4-H Club members could be seen diligently working away. At the end of the day, spatters of white paint could be seen on their clothes.

On a personal note, the cast I had on my right arm from when I lost my balance and fell breaking both the ulna and radius just above the wrist is gone. Where the break occurred is still sore and will continue to be that way for several months until the bones are totally healed. I am still continuing to have chemo. However, the treatments appear to be helping so perhaps the day I’m told I’m in remission isn’t too far away. I am so deeply appreciative of all the prayers, kind words, support, and help I’ve received. May you all be as richly blessed as I have been.


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