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I entered your town on Thursday with a heavy heart from the loss of a friend named Tim (Timmy) Young. I, like you, had all the questions and emotions running through my mind from the moment I received the shocking news on Sunday. I was fortunate to know Tim for a few years and unfortunate (very) not to have known him longer. He joined our family as Tim Young and became Timmy to those of us at Food Services of America. Throughout the course of my life, I have made several trips “north to the Hi-Line” and this one was to be one of the saddest trips. However, as I left the clouds/rain of Billings, the sun began to rise in the east creating one of the brightest sights from the glitter (twinkle) of the dew on the green grass and the warmth of the rays touching the grass/trees – Tim was smiling on the day! Then, as I have done for over 50 years, I continued to scan the prairie (flat land) of eastern Montana and reflect on the massiveness of this country that wraps its arms around you when you enter making you feel like you are home. Immediately, my mind went to the “big dude” we hired out of Glasgow and what he would say when we talked about selling food – “look at me, I am the best advertisement there is.” Yes, he was a “big dude”; however, his heart was as massive as eastern Montana, his smile as bright as a sunrise on that spring day, and his humor as far reaching as the endless blue sky of Big Sky country! Now, my roots run deep in eastern Montana (Wolf Point, Poplar, Culbertson) and I was shocked to discover that he was born in New Mexico! I am very protective of our state and suspicious of “transplants.” I was perplexed because he exhibited/exemplified the qualities only those born on this ground understand and appreciate of those we call “Native Montanans.” However, he had roots and he was one of us!

Then came the CELEBRATION with the COMMUNITY that he touched in his short life. As commented, WOW! What a showing of love and community for a friend to all! Again the emotional roller coaster began to turn; however, the words throughout the day begin to wrap Tim’s arms around everyone. He was touching all of us one last time as a community in grief and helping us move forward without his physical presence in our lives.

During the reception, we (Food Services of America) had numerous people tell us “thanks for all you have done,” “thanks for the food,” etc…

We did nothing more than the COMMUNITY did – we helped celebrate the life of one of our family members! We need to “thank” all of you for your support and allowing us to celebrate the life of “one of us.” We lost a friend and gained more family!

I believe “things happen for a reason” and I believe the “big dude” was working his magic yesterday. He had that Montana morning smile on his face and that twinkle in his eye as he worked the room yesterday. It is I that need to thank all of you of this community for setting aside any differences and restoring the faith of community that was visible all day on Thursday. So, from all of us at Food Services of America, I say “thank you” for bringing the “big dude” to us and allowing us to join your family! Personally, with every eastern Montana sunrise, I will always take a moment to reflect on my time with Tim and smile a little more mischievous every day.

-Warren Helmer


FSA Billings


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