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By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Hello, Operator?


Do you remember picking up the telephone and getting an operator? I only vaguely remember those days. If you have more accurate memories, please forgive me and feel free to give me a call. As I recall, once you picked up your phone receiver, the operator answered by saying “number please” at which time you gave her the number you wished to be connected to. If you lived in a small community, which had a local telephone office, you might not even have to give the number you needed. All you might need to do was ask to be connected to the local grocer, doctor or even Jane Doe.

I never got to see those operators in action, but I do have pictures, both in my mind and on paper. Wow, can you imagine the gossip opportunity? There was plenty of seed for gossip when we had party lines, but I would think those lucky ladies that manned the operating board for the telephone company had lots of choice bits they could or would share if they so desired.

I remember Glasgow’s phone operators were housed in a building located at the present Nemont building site, however I have this little thought in my head that thinks there may have been a phone building site in the building that sets behind our present Nemont. Another thing that I could research; however the yard calls and I have not taken any time to check this out.

I am having a very difficult time coming up with “new/old” memories. I am planning on a trip to visit some family this summer and maybe this visit will help jog my mind with other memories.

Another scheduled surgery on my elbow in the next week or so will also make my typing disable, so I am planning on not getting an article done for you folks for a month or so. So if Mr. Jim is willing, I will try to return late summer. I sincerely wish for a great summer for you all.


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