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Scotties Achieve 39 Personal Bests in Sidney

Top Ten Meet Next Week

The Scottie track team traveled to Sidney April 22 for one of their largest meets of the season. With hundreds of athletes representing several teams, it was a long day of competition. Other area teams competing at the meet were the Hinsdale Raiders, the Frazer Bearcubs and the Nashua Porcupines.

It was definitely a day for Glasgow's distance runners. In three races, seven Scotties improved their personal best times for a combined 152 seconds. Wilson Overby had the biggest jump, according to head coach Tim Phillips. "He stuck to the front six for almost the entire race," he said, "and stuck it out to run a 10:45 (a 32 second p.r.) That just doesn't happen at that level."

Using different strategies for their races, Merlin and Ellis McKean each set big personal bests and had fantastic races, said Phillips. "Since they were a little weaker in the 1600 coming in, we had them run with Ace Ackerman of Glendive. They just sat in his hip pocket until the last 200 meters and then blew by. In the 3200, I thought they had a better shot at hitting a qualifying time, so I had them push the pace early. That's always more work, but can pay off in the end. They lost a little steam, and let Ace get away from them, but Ellis reigned him in on the last lap, and Merlin was right behind. Ellis only missed the qualifying time by three seconds."

For the girls, Phillips pointed out the accomplishments of senior Faith Sallee and freshman Ali Cunningham. "Faith cut 15 seconds off her 1600 time and 38 seconds off the 3200," he noted. "Ali is just a freshman, but she is getting wiser every race. She had a great 1600, and had a 13-second personal best. She battled a sore foot in the 3200 and still cut off seven seconds."

Also recording personal bests in their distance events were Cade Myrick with his 2:06.85 800m run and Alec Boland with his 2:17.03 run in the same race.

The Bearcubs are making great strides in the long-distance races as well. Wyatt Miller continues to be a solid competitor for the boys, with a seventh-place finish in the 3200m, and a twelfth-place finish in the 1600m. For the girls, Sierra Summers and Cyrenna Standing are the ones to beat. Summers is a consistent leader in both distance races and swept the events in Sidney. Standing is also emerging as a tough competitor. In Sidney, she placed second in the two-mile and nearly cracked the top ten in the 1600m.

In other running events, the Scottie's Emily Kolstad not only qualified for the state meet in the 400m run, she also broke into the top five in GHS history with her time of 61.05.

Also running personal best times in the 400m were Brinlie Nielsen, Ellie Page, Lauren Padden, Garrett Lloyd and Jaysen Turner.

In the sprints, Ayla Stone and Natalia Melnyk both achieved personal bests in the 100m and 200m. "They've both overcome some things to get where they are," said Phillips, "so I'm very proud of them."

Padden finished her 100m race with another p.r., as did freshman Mattea Piersak. Piersak also had her best time in the 300m hurdles.

Senior Luke Breigenzer hit the qualifying mark in both of his hurdle events. "We knew last week he was close," remarked Phillips, "and without a 25mph head wind, he made it easily in both."

Hinsdale's John McColly is also solid in both hurdle events, with eighth-place finishes in both at the Sidney meet. McColly also competes in the 100m dash, long jump and triple jump.

For the Nashua girls, freshman Kaitlyn Hansen may be one to watch. She has been competing quietly in the sprints and hurdles with some solid results.

In the relays, the Glasgow boys' 1600m team had a great showing as they qualified for state, where Phillips expects them to go even faster. Neither of the girls' relays have hit the qualifying time yet, but they continue to improve. Phillips says he's still searching for the right mix in that event.

The Porcupine boys had two great relay performances as well, placing just shy of the top ten for both.

In the field events for the boys, keep your eye on Glasgow's Myrick, who threw a ten-foot p.r. in the javelin, and sophomore Skye Buckles, who is progressing well in the same event. In the shot put, Frazer has a powerhouse in Dallas Reese. Although he didn't hit his best mark in Sidney, the senior dominates in the event and has already qualified for the state meet.

Nashua senior Nolan Viste is also quietly competing in his events, with consistent performances in the javelin, the high jump and the triple jump.

After trying out the jumps in Glasgow at the qualifier meet, Scottie Brett Glaser set a two-foot p.r. in the triple jump at the Sidney invitational. According to Phillips, if he can gain two more feet on the jump, he'll be "in the money" at state.

Taylor Laumeyer of Nashua continues to finish strong in all of her events. In Sidney, she finished in the top five for javelin (1st), long jump (3rd), and shot put (4th).

The Raiders' Mickayla Johnson is placing well in her throwing events also. Out of 50-plus competitors in each event, Johnson is in the top twenty and showing improvement.

For the Scottie girls, Brennan Peters had a solid day in Sidney, setting personal bests in the discus and shot put. Rachel Billingsley hit a new mark in the shot and Hannah Mickelson set a p.r. in both the discus and javelin. Regan Zerbe also continues to improve, according to Phillips, as she had her best throw ever in the discus. In the triple jump, Anika Peters set a new p.r. as well.

"It was a humid day," noted Phillips, "so that seemed to hold the jumps and some of the throws down."

Phillips noted the return of Cody Cronmiller, who he says has a lot to learn in a short time, but may be a player by the end of the year. Also, freshman Tyler Fitzsimmons is likely to return this weekend after an injury pulled him out of Glasgow's first meet of the season.

"It seems as a whole, we do really well in Sidney," Phillips summarized. "It's definitely a fast track, but I think this is where some of the tougher training starts paying off too. We had some tremendous personal bests this weekend, and I saw some people really learn how to compete at a high level. There were a couple mental letdowns this weekend, but hopefully those athletes learned through the experience. The only thing I really was disappointed with was that some of our kids didn't hit the minimum measuring marks. They could have had personal bests, but didn't get a measurement."

Coming up for the area track teams: Nashua will be traveling to Richey-Lambert on Saturday, April 29, Frazer and Lustre will be in Glendive Saturday, April 29, and Hinsdale has the weekend off.

The Scotties will be in Great Falls for the Fairfield Invitational Saturday, April 29. "We'll get to see most of what the 1B has," said Phillips of the meet.

The Top 10 meet will be Tuesday, May 2 at Scottie Field. "I'm hoping for great weather," said Phillips. "I'd love to see some personal bests there."

Field events will start at 3 p.m., and the meet should be done around 7 p.m. Tayte Prewett will sing the national anthem at 3:30 p.m. NemontTV will be airing the meet live, but the community is encouraged to attend and watch all the top area athletes perform.

Sidney Invitational Team Scores:

Boys - 1. Sidney, 114; 2. Glasgow, 98; 3. Baker, 60; 4. Dawson Co., 48; 5. Custer Co., 37; 6. Scobey, 28; 7. Savage, 24; 8. Richey-Lambert, 22; 9. Wolf Point, 18; 9. Carter Co., 18; 11. Trenton-Trinity, 17; 12. Trinity Christian, 8; 12. Frazer, 8; 12. Colstrip, 8; 15. Garfield Co., 6; 15. Powder River Co., 6; 15. Plentywood, 6; 18. Westby-Grenora, 1.

Girls - 1. Westby-Grenora, 70; 2. Custer Co., 65; 3. Dawson Co., 56; 4. Sidney, 52; 5. Baker, 48; 6. Colstrip, 42; 7. Glasgow, 39; 8. Frazer, 22; 9. Scobey, 20; 9. Nashua, 20; 11. Plentywood, 16; 11. Garfield Co., 16; 13. Trenton-Trinity, 11; 14. Savage, 10; 15. Saco, 8; 15. Carter Co., 8; 15. Wibaux Co., 8; 18. Powder River Co., 6; 18. Richey-Lambert, 6; 20. Circle, 2; 21. Wolf Point, 1; 21. Terry, 1.

Individual Results:

100m - 19, John McColly, 12.25, Hinsdale; 27, Cody Cronmiller, 12.54, Glasgow; 30, Gunner Greene, 12.67, Nashua; 42, Dexter Monson, 12.98, Glasgow; 49, Tayson Hoerster, 13.28, Glasgow; 56, Cassidy Greene, 13.40, Nashua; 57, Grant Morken, 13.43, Glasgow; 63, Korbin Cole, 13.72, Frazer; 68, Josh Salveson, 14.10, Saco; 70, Chandler Pippin, 14.24, Saco.

200m - 3, Benji Phillips, 23.69, Glasgow; 11, Brett Glaser, 24.48, Glasgow; 27, Gunner Greene, 25.74, Nashua; 34, Chris DePuydt, 26.38, Saco; 35, Dexter Monson, 26.42, Glasgow; 43, Grant Morken, 26.72, Glasgow; 45, Cassidy Greene, 27.21, Nashua; 48, Dustin Ostrom, 27.50, Saco; 52, Korbin Cole, 28.35, Frazer; 55, Chandler Pippin, 28.95, Saco; 59, Josh Salveson, 29.61, Saco.

400m - 20, Cody Cronmiller, 56.47, Glasgow; 27, Garrett Lloyd, 58.43, Glasgow; 28, Chris DePuydt, 58.66, Saco; 40, Brady Albus, 1:02.45, Saco; 44, Ty Murphy, 1:04.52, Saco; 47, Jaysen Turner, 1:07.53, Glasgow.

800m - 2, Cade Myrick, 2:06.85, Glasgow; 7, Brady Albus, 2:15.88, Saco; 8, Alec Boland, 2:17.03, Glasgow; 9, Kaden Zimmerman, 2:18.65, Glasgow; 22, Cordell Younkin, 2:27.55, Hinsdale.

1600m - 1, Ellis McKean, 4:46.15, Glasgow; 2, Merlin McKean, 4:46.63, Glasgow; 12, Wyatt Miller, 5:09.74, Frazer.

3200m - 1, Ellis McKean, 10:30.62, Glasgow; 3, Merlin McKean, 10:34.04, Glasgow; 6, Wilson Overby, 10:45.65, Glasgow; 7, Wyatt Miller, 11:16.28, Frazer; 12, Kaden Zimmerman, 11:48.43, Glasgow.

110m Hurdles - 3, Luke Breigenzer, 16.07, Glasgow; 8, John McColly, 18.07, Hinsdale.

300m Hurdles - 2, Luke Breigenzer, 41.21, Glasgow; 8, John McColly, 47.17, Hinsdale; 15, Tayson Hoerster, 51.68, Glasgow.

4x100 Relay - 4, Glasgow (Luke Breigenzer, Brett Glaser, Trent Herbert, Benji Phillips), 45.70; 11, Nashua (Dylan Sanner, Ethan Viste, Cassidy Greene, Gunner Greene), 50.17; 13, Glasgow (Tayson Hoerster, Dexter Monson, Alec Boland, Cody Cronmiller), 50.39.

4x400 Relay - 2, Glasgow (Benji Phillips, Luke Breigenzer, Cade Myrick, Brett Glaser) 3:33.56; 12, Nashua (Nolan Viste, Gunner Greene, Cassidy Greene, Gavin Adkins) 4:38.89.

Shot Put - 2, Dallas Reese, 49-04.00, Frazer; 20, Austin Leatherberry, 35-10.00, Hinsdale; 24, Dylan Sanner, 35-01.00, Nashua; 44, Ben Miller, 30-01.00, Glasgow; 46, Gavin Adkins, 29-11.00, Nashua; 52, Nik Herman, 29-04.00, Glasgow; 56, Skyler Saiz, 28-05.00, Glasgow; 58, Wesley Weston, 28-00.00, Frazer; 61, Ben Rodriguez, 27-05.00, Glasgow; 63, Eli Zeluff, 27-04.00, Glasgow; 64, Sawyer Sibley, 26-10.50, Nashua; 71, Mack Winchester, 24-02.00, Nashua; 74, Tanner Overby, 23-07.00, Glasgow.

Discus - 9, Ben Miller, 115-00, Glasgow; 17, Mack Winchester, 104-11, Nashua.

Javelin - 1, Benji Phillips, 194-07, Glasgow; 5, Cade Myrick, 158-04, Glasgow; 10, Skye Buckles, 141-01, Glasgow; 14, Nolan Viste, 130-03, Nashua; 19, Nik Herman, 124-08, Glasgow.

High Jump - 12, Nolan Viste, 5-04.00, Nashua; 16, Chris DePuydt, 5-02.00, Saco; 16, Ty Murphy, 5-02.00, Saco; 20, Tim Wageman, 5-00.00, Glasgow; 20, Alec Boland, 5-00.00, Glasgow; 20, Jaysen Turner, 5-00.00, Glasgow; 20, Dustin Ostrom, 5-00.00, Saco.

Pole Vault - 7, Ty Murphy, 11-00.00, Saco; 12, Kyle Ross, 10-00.00, Glasgow.

Long Jump - 1, Benji Phillips, 20-01.75, Glasgow; 10, Cody Cronmiller, 18-01.00, Glasgow; 12, Trent Herbert, 17-11.75, Glasgow; 15, Brett Glaser, 17-07.75, Glasgow; 21, John McColly, 17-06.00, Hinsdale; 23, Saul Hanson, 12-00.25, Glasgow.

Triple Jump - 6, Brett Glaser, 39-01.50, Glasgow; 9, Trent Herbert, 37-09.5, Glasgow; 16, Nolan Viste, 35-11.00, Nashua; 17, John McColly, 35-09.75, Hinsdale; 25, Ethan Viste, 32-10.00, Nashua; 27, Chris DePuydt, 32-02.00, Saco; 30, Gavin Adkins, 30-02.00, Nashua; 31, Sawyer Sibley, 27-06.00, Nashua.

100m - 12, Jordan Kulczyk, 14.09, Glasgow; 13, Mya Fourstar, 14.11, Frazer; 20, Taylor Laumeyer, 14.40, Nashua; 35, Kaitlyn Hansen, 15.09, Nashua; 39, Lauren Padden, 15.19, Glasgow; 42, Amari Zeluff, 15.27, Glasgow; 43, Sydney Zeller, 15.27, Saco; 46, Mattea Piersak, 15.41, Glasgow; 48, Julia Smoker, 15.73, Frazer; 50, Mickayla Johnson, 15.94, Hinsdale; 52, Ayla Stone, 16.48, Glasgow; 57, Natalia Melnyk, 18.28, Glasgow.

200m - 5, Emily Kolstad, 28.77, Glasgow; 12, Mya Fourstar, 29.46, Frazer; 23, Amari Zeluff, 31.20, Glasgow; 33, Lauren Padden, 32.29, Glasgow; 36, Julia Smoker, 32.96, Frazer; 38, Kaitlyn Hansen, 33.26, Nashua; 41, Ayla Stone, 35.39, Glasgow; 43, Natalia Melnyk, 38.34, Glasgow.

400m - 2, Emily Kolstad, 1:01.05, Glasgow **5th fastest in Glasgow history**; 5, Brinlie Nielsen, 1:03.66, Glasgow; 18, Sydney Zeller, 1:09.60, Saco; 19, Lauren Padden, 1:09.90, Glasgow; 25, Ellie Page, 1:12.31, Glasgow.

800m - 7, Brinlie Nielsen, 2:35.05, Glasgow; 16, Sydney Zeller, 2:44.24, Saco.

1600m - 4, Sierra Summers, 5:43.14, Frazer; 12, Ali Cunningham, 6:06.37, Glasgow; 14, Cyrenna Standing, 6:10.78, Frazer; 17, Faith Sallee, 6:21.90, Glasgow; 23, Brooke Westby, 6:37.14, Glasgow.

3200m - 1, Sierra Summers, 12:39.01, Frazer; 2, Cyrenna Standing, 13:19.54, Frazer; 4, Ali Cunningham, 13:51.89, Glasgow; 5, Faith Sallee, 13:52.79, Glasgow.

100m Hurdles - 15, Alaina Sallee, 19.49, Glasgow; 17, Kaitlyn Hansen, 19.72, Nashua.

300m Hurdles - 9, Alaina Sallee, 54.40, Glasgow; 17, Mattea Piersak, 1:00.18, Glasgow.

4x100 Relay - 2, Glasgow (Brinlie Nielsen, Jordan Kulczyk, Anika Peters, Emily Kolstad) 53.35; 14, Glasgow (Ayla Stone, Lauren Padden, Kaylee Ross, Kaylee King) 1:00.00.

4x400 Relay – 3, Glasgow (Brinlie Nielsen, Alaina Sallee, Jordan Kulczyk, Emily Kolstad) 4:22.20.

Shot Put - 4, Taylor Laumeyer, 32-04.00, Nashua; 12, Mickayla Johnson, 29-00.00, Hinsdale; 15, Natosha Sand, 28-03.00, Glasgow; 21, Brennan Peters, 27-03.00, Glasgow; 31, Regan Zerbe, 25-04.00, Glasgow; 39, Jazmine Foster-Shaw, 23-06.00, Glasgow; 42, Challise Young, 22-08.00, Saco; 44, Rachel Billingsley, 22-02.00, Glasgow; 49, Mia Rimoldi, 20-07.00, Hinsdale.

Discus - 4, Brennan Peters, 96-08, Glasgow; 12, Taylor Laumeyer, 85-07, Nashua; 15, Regan Zerbe, 84-04, Glasgow; 18, Mickayla Johnson, 83-09, Hinsdale; 20, Hannah Mickelson, 81-01, Glasgow.

Javelin - 1, Taylor Laumeyer, 119-02, Nashua; 8, Jordan Kulczyk, 102-06, Glasgow; 31, Hannah Mickelson, 83-05, Glasgow.

High Jump - 11, Kaylee King, 4-08.00, Glasgow; 14, Sydney Zeller, 4-06.00, Saco.

Pole Vault - 2, Bailey Funk, 8-00.00, Saco; 6, Katie Kaiser, 8-00.00, Glasgow; 13, Kaylee King, 7-00.00, Glasgow.

Long Jump - 3, Taylor Laumeyer, 15-10.00, Nashua; 5, Jordan Kulczyk, 15-07.00, Glasgow; 13, Sydney Zeller, 14-06.50, Saco; 16, Bailey Funk, 14-04.50, Saco; 19, Mya Fourstar, 14-02.00, Frazer; 27, Anika Peters, 13-07.50, Glasgow; 31, Alaina Sallee, 13-04.50, Glasgow.

Triple Jump - 6, Bailey Funk, 31-02.00, Saco; 9, Alaina Sallee, 31-01.00, Glasgow; 10, Anika Peters, 30-11.00, Glasgow.


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