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Gateway Club Closes Doors

The Gateway Club closed its doors on Sunday, April 23. According to former employees, the local landmark at the western end of the Fort Peck Dam was shut down, taking its status from temporarily closed to permanently shuttered.

The iconic bar and restaurant has been through several starts and stops throughout the years. The current structure was recently built after a fire destroyed the previous building in October, 2011. Although the Gateway is currently closed, the business, dubbed “The Best Dam Bar by a Dam Site,” has bounced back from worse.

In the meantime, diners seeking a hot meal near the lake are encouraged to try the Fort Peck Marina & Bar at 15 SW Marina Rd. (open Mondays!).


Reader Comments(1)

stmpspaz writes:

Wow, how sad that the only business you mention in your article in Fort Peck is the Marina. How about Park Grove Bar & Cafe? They have been *continually* in business for over 30 years, consistent business hours and consistent menu. You mention open Monday's for the Marina - really? Park Grove Bar is closed for half a day - one day a week. I am disappointed in the Courier

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