By Ronda Fuhrman
Valley County 

Prom Problems

Letter to the Editor


With only 3 days left until the Glasgow prom, my son's date, a senior student from Opheim, was informed that my son couldn't escort her this year because he is home-schooled. Apparently, GHS policy states that only students enrolled in a "public" high school are allowed to go. That is a very untimely notice as we have already ordered and paid for a tux, and I am sure the girl doesn't want to find another date. They were signed up over a month ago.

Who would have thought that the school policy would need to be checked as a home-schooled friend of his took a date to this same prom last year? However, the policy states that and both HS administrators are enforcing the policy. I guess that is their job. No exceptions made for the fact that notification came so late, or that the policy must be out-dated. Exclusions of any kind in this day are suspect for discrimination of sorts. I don't believe in frivolous lawsuits, but I am getting pretty tired of this kind of situation ruining what should be a memorable and fun part of high school. I am hoping that the school board will reconsider this policy in the future and fix it for other home school students in the future. I've never been an advocate for home-schooling. I think the social part of school is very important. However, when you are faced with the type of situation we were, and the distance from where we live from everything, this on-line learning was our only option. Do we like it? No and neither does our son, but sometimes we have to do things we don't like to do. He hopes to go back to public school next year. If that doesn't work out then he will continue to miss out on lots of things like sports, and clubs, etc. Add prom to that and make it a tri-fecta! I wish people would think with their hearts and minds these days instead of referring to a policy on how to deal with every situation that arises. It's almost like we can't function properly without a set of rules to go by. Rules are important, but they are more like guidelines really. They can be flexible if common sense is involved. Leaving anyone out of any venue for something that is beyond their control is not fair. My son is a good, responsible kid. He tries very hard to fit in and he is very disappointed that he is not able to take his girlfriend to her senior prom due to this policy. GHS should be ashamed in my opinion! Let's be reasonable. Prom is for the kids to have a good time and make memories. Why would there need to be a policy excluding any student of the right to do just that? I truly doubt that there is any argument anyone can make that would make this policy exclusion seem reasonable. If you have one, please let me know.


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