By Dane Osen
The Courier 

County Brief


With the recent appointment of Ryan Zinke as Secretary of the Interior, commissioners continue to prepare for the upcoming special election. The election will fill the seat left vacant by Zinke in Congress and will take place on May 25.

How this special election will be conducted is still up in the wind, with Montana legislators currently considering a bill, SB-305, that would allow counties to conduct the special election strictly by mail-in ballot, if they choose too. The Montana Association of Counties recommended that the commissioners pass a resolution as to how they would proceed in the election if the measure passes.

The commissioners in Valley County decided that if Bill 305 passes they would conduct the election by mail-in ballot alone. Should the bill fail, the election would be conducted in accordance with the recent changes made in the voting precincts, making the Civic Center the sole polling place .


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