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By Georgie Kulczyk
Soapbox Solioquy 

The End of an Era


I recently lost part of my identity. I am no longer the mother of a high school basketball player. I have to sheepishly confess that I was devastated the moment it happened, and it took some time for me to shake the sadness. I know, it seems a little dramatic. Probably more so for those that don’t have kids involved in athletics. Others may understand the feeling exactly. The good news is: I’ve recovered.

This past season was especially unique for me as I pulled double duty both as a basketball mom and the sports editor of the Courier. The dual role proved to be tricky for me at times, as I battled with objectivity.

For those of you that don’t know, this past season was also the final basketball season for my daughter, Jordan at GHS. I battled with reining in my pride for her and her accomplishments while reporting on the games of the Lady Scotties. There was always the fear that someone would see a bias in what I was reporting, or even in how I placed photos in my section, although I think for the most part I was objective.

Another obstacle came down to my knowledge of the game – or my lack of knowledge. I don’t know the difference between a pick-and-roll or a give-and-go. I’m not sure what an illegal screen is or the difference between a flagrant foul and an intentional foul. I am committed to learning, however, and will continue to do my best.

My job was difficult for me in other ways, but watching the Scotties, the Mavericks, the Rivals, the Porcupines, the Lions and the Bearcubs compete each and every week made it all worthwhile. In addition to being a fan of my own kids and their athletic accomplishments, I’m a fan of each and every kid that gives themselves to a sport.

Despite all of the heartbreak and potential disappointment that comes with being an athlete, or the parent of an athlete, I would still recommend that kids get involved in as much as they can. Although not all of the experiences are sunshine and rainbows, even the crummy parts provide tremendous personal growth and maturity, for the athlete and the parent.

Moving into the spring sports season, I am excited to watch more of our area athletes compete in the activities that have captured their hearts. That being said, I’m not so excited to see another season come to an end for my senior Scottie.


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