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By Sandy Laumeyer
Just a Thought 

Sunshine, No Wind, Birds Singing


Yesterday (Sunday) was a stunningly beautiful day. Sunshine, no wind, birds singing, and warm. You could almost feel Spring waiting to make its entrance. When I went to one of my favorite websites, a picture of a field of wildflowers popped up. The next ad I saw was one of prom dresses.

And I thought ... new life. The world is getting ready to explode with new life. Soon buds will appear on trees, flowers will nudge their way to the surface, greenhouses will overwhelm a persons’s senses with the smell of wet earth, blooming plants, a rainbow of color.

Before long newborn calves will be chasing each other across the pasture. The sound of cows calling to their calves will echo in the distance.

But we don’t need to wait to see and hear all of this to experience new life.

New life appears every single day we wake up. The new day brings with it new opportunities, new chances to pursue our goals, to make changes in our lives, to begin new projects, to continue working on current projects, to work on new ideas, even to take a trip.

The path we were on the night before when we went to sleep may not be the same path that awaits us in the morning of the new day. Every day brings us a different road to travel. Perhaps, as the old saying goes -- I’ll have to sleep on it before I make a decision -- is what we need to do at times. When the new day dawns, we’ll know which turn to take.

We don’t know what each new day will bring. But it is our choice how to greet each day. If we meet the dawn with negativity it’s pretty sure we won’t have a very good day. But if we meet the dawn with a smile on our face, thankfulness in our hearts, and a resolve to make the best of whatever happens, it will make it easier to have a good day.

It’s up to each one of us how to handle the new life we are given each day.

May your week be blessed with smiles.


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