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By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Antique Verbiage


Do you remember when everything old was referred to as “Antique?” This term covered most anything that might be older than you were. As with most things in our lives, terminology has also changed and the terms older people use do not necessarily mean the same thing to the younger generation. When we refer to antiques, we need to be aware that they might be “retro” or “vintage” or just “old.” Now, I kinda have a clue as to what the difference is, but I decided to Google it, just to be sure. So for any of you that cares, antiques generally refer to an object more than 100 years old.

Now the acceptable definition of “vintage” generally refers to an item popular in a different era. So those of us who enjoyed the “50s” are mostly vintage, as well as the toys, cars, etc. that we enjoyed at that time.

In most cases I guess I just prefer “OLD.” That pretty well covers most of my treasures and those of many of my friends.

Just rambling again, but if you plan on attending an Antiques Roadshow, you might want to brush up on your terminology.


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