By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Becoming Senior Millennials


Remember a time when you could find almost everyone’s phone number in the local telephone book? One of my readers commented on how frustrating it is to find a phone number for someone now that everyone has cell phones. O.K. if this person is reading my “Remembers,” it does give you a clue to the generation, BUT the point is; just how do you find cell phone numbers, especially if you are not really up on all the new technology. I think that I understand why these are not provided in a phone book as even I have an idea of all the various companies that offer cell phone service. Just who would provide a list of numbers for multiple phone servers. Oh, wait, I do need to take that question back as we all know how many unwanted calls we can get in a day and somehow our numbers were available to them. So to all of you who might remember the days when telephone operators were able to supply a phone number for you, just try to visualize what our grandchildren will be frustrated with when they become senior millennials.


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