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By Georgie Kulczyk
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Scotties Defeat Harlem in 62-0 Blowout


Heidi Johnson / For the Courier

Hinsdale Senior Cache Younkin executes one of many kickoffs during the Oct. 7 game vs. Harlem.

Only the die-hard parents and fans were seated in the bleachers for the Scotties' Oct. 7 game against the Harlem Wildcats. With the temperature dropping below 40 degrees, it was a cold, windy night to watch football.

For those that braved the weather, the boys put on a good show. The majority of the game was spent in Harlem territory, with Glasgow offensively and defensively on point for the night.

First Quarter

The Wildcats started the game with possession of the ball, but couldn't make progress with Benji Phillips, Austin Leatherberry and Alex Fransen preventing any gain of yardage and denying even a first down.

To start the insane scoring run by the Scotties, Fransen blocked the ensuing kickoff and Grant Morken recovered the ball less than 20 yards from the end zone. The first score of the game came with Trent Herbert's nine-yard touchdown run off a toss from Darrin Wersal. Cache Younkin added an extra point with a successful PAT. With 9:19 remaining in the first quarter: Scotties 7, Wildcats 0.

With an onside kick from Younkin that was recovered by Luke Breigenzer at the 40-yard line, Glasgow denied Harlem possession of the ball. After a series of plays, Wersal handed the ball off to Phillips, who ran up the middle and into the end zone. With another successful kick, Younkin padded the score to make it 14-0 in favor of the Scotties.

Although the Wildcats gained control of the ball off with the next kickoff, the possession was brief. Breigenzer recovered a fumble and made it to the five-yard line before being stopped by the Wildcats. Phillips and Younkin capped off the play with a short TD followed by a successful PAT. With 6:16 left in the first quarter: Scotties 20, Wildcats 0.

Harlem managed to maintain possession of the ball with the next series of plays, but with the Scottie defense pressuring them and a penalty that backed them up five yards, they failed to make any progress or gain a first down.

In a four-play series, the Scotties' next possession resulted in another touchdown. Following a 30-yard run by Herbert, Breigenzer hit the end zone for his first touchdown of the contest and Younkin capped the TD off with another successful PAT. With 3:13 remaining in the first quarter: Scotties 27, Wildcats 0.

The Scottie defense denied any progress for Harlem with their next possession. Although the Wildcats were able to keep the ball, they could not gain any significant yardage. On third down and ten, with pressure from Fransen, the Wildcat pass was tipped and incomplete.

Following a 13-yard return off the ensuing kickoff, Phillips lit up the scoreboard again with a 40-yard touchdown run, followed by a successful two-point conversion. Scotties 35, Harlem 0.

The Wildcats' next possession would result in another failed attempt at any progress on the field. On the second play of the series, Younkin forced a fumble and the Scotties recovered the ball.

Glasgow was able to make some progress with a short run by Herbert, but the quarter came to an end without a change in the score.

Second Quarter

To start off the second quarter, Wersal handed the ball off to Phillips who gained seven yards on the play, mostly going backwards with a Harlem defender crawling all over him.

To finish the series, Wersal executed a 23-yard pass to Breigenzer for his second touchdown of the game. With another good kick from Younkin, the score increased to 42-0.

Harlem gained control of the ball with the ensuing kickoff, and was able to keep possession, but the Scottie defense forced a turnover on downs. Immediately following the turnover, the Scotties scored with a 26-yard run from Phillips and increased their lead to 48-0. Younkin again split the uprights for an extra point. With 5:40 remaining in the second quarter: Scotties 49, Harlem 0.

The Wildcats made some progress on the next series of plays and benefitted from a Scottie holding penalty, but the advantage would not last as Breigenzer intercepted the ball and brought the Scottie offense back out on the field. A bad snap to Wersal resulted in a loss of 19 yards for the Scotties, but they were still able to sneak another score in before the half was over. Herbert gained 40 yards with a nice run down the Harlem sideline and put the Scotties within 10 yards of the end zone. Wersal capitalized with a quarterback keeper and scored the touchdown. A penalty on Harlem forced a redo of the PAT, which was unsuccessful. The half came to an end with the Scotties on top 55-0.

Third Quarter

The second half of the game was less explosive, with just one run scored by Herbert. His 23-yard touchdown run capped off a six-play series, including a 31-yard run from Phillips. The kick by Younkin was good and the score rose to 62-0.

The Wildcats' next possession was one of their most productive of the game. They were able to gain a first down and had two nice pass completions before the Scottie defense shut them down and forced another turnover on downs.

With some of the JV players being filtered into the game, the Scotties slowed down offensively. Although they were unable to score on the Wildcats, they continued to gain yardage with their passing and rushing. Wersal completed a 45-yard pass to Nolan Viste, a short pass to Kaden Fossum, and a pitch to Tayson Hoerster who gained 10 yards for the offense. The possession and the quarter came to an end with a turnover on downs for the Scotties and no change in the score.

Fourth Quarter

The Scottie defense continued to pressure the Wildcats and denied any progress in their next possession. With some great tackles by Ethan Hartsock, Jaden Hughes and Morken, Harlem could not gain any yardage. A bad snap and pressure by Fossum resulted in a fumble by the Wildcats. Although Harlem recovered the ball, it brought the possession to an end.

The Scotties suffered a bad snap of their own at the start of their next possession, and Wersal had to dive on the ball for a loss of yards on the play. Two consecutive holding penalties on Glasgow followed and resulted in another loss of yards. A big pick from Hartsock brought things to life again, but it was short-lived as the Scotties failed to achieve a first down.

The Wildcats would have one more opportunity to deny the shut-out and they made some good progress down the field. With a quarterback keeper to start things off, the Wildcats achieved a first down. The next two plays resulted in a loss of yards, and it looked like the Wildcats were stalled, but they were able to achieve another first down and picked up a few yards. The game came to an end after two unsuccessful pass attempts by the Wildcats. Final score: 62-0.

Wersal finished the game with 243 passing yards, six rushing yards and a touchdown. Phillips led the team with four touchdowns and had 106 rushing yards and 3 receiving yards. Herbert scored two touchdowns and had 114 receiving yards. Breigenzer finished with 47 receiving yards and scored two touchdowns. Also gaining some yardage were: Viste, 45; Hoerster, 10; Fossum, 7; and Hartsock, 21.

Glasgow will take on Poplar at home this Friday, Oct. 14 and will honor the Scottie football and cross country seniors.


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