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By Georgie Kulczyk
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Scottie Cross Country Sweeps x2

Win Frazer and Culbertson Meets


The Scottie cross country team competed at two separate meets last week and weekend. The first meet was held in Frazer Sept. 15, and both boys' and girls' varsity won. On Sept. 17, the team traveled to Culbertson for another meet and another win.


Girls Team Scores: Glasgow 47, Poplar 82, Malta 142, No scores for: Harlem, Richey/Lambert, Frazer, Culbertson, Plentywood, Hays/Lodge Pole, Circle, Brockton, Dodson/Whitewater.

Emily Kolstad 4th, 22:27; Alaina Sallee 7th, 22:40; Morgan Guttenberg 10th, 23:04; Brinlie Nielsen 11th, 23:05; Tyisha Begs His Own 15th, 23:24; Ali Cunningham 18th, 23:27; Katie Kaiser 20th, 23:46; Nicole Williams 29th, 25:40; Faith Sallee 31st, 26:04; Alexus Nistler 48th, 29:44.

Boys Team Scores: Glasgow 22, Richey/Lambert 96, Brockton 146, Wolf Point 155, Poplar 167, Harlem 179, No scores for: Hays/Lodge Pole, Frazer, Froid/Lake, Plentywood, Culbertson, Dodson/Whitewater.

Ellis McKean 1st, 17:32; Merlin McKean 2nd, 17:40; Ike Braaten 4th, 17:56; Wilson Overby 5th, 18:08; Jacob Meiers 10th, 18:58; Kaden Zimmerman 20th, 19:53; Colin Jamba 22nd, 19:58; Kasey Seyfert 23rd, 20:02; Colton Pewitt 27th, 20:30; Shane Sinclair 34th, 21:00; John Cremer 35th, 21:02; Trevor Johnson 41st, 21:34; Jaysen Turner 46th, 22:28; Nathanael Lippert 47th, 22:36; Presly Hallock 48th, 22:49; Tony Kaiser 53rd, 23:17; Taylor Fitzsimmons 54th, 23:21; Jordan Billingsley 56th, 23:56.


Girls team scores: Glasgow 32, Poplar 53, Richey/Lambert 141. No scores for: Frazer, Williston Trinity, Culbertson, Circle, Plentywood, Trenton, Brockton.

Emily Kolstad 2nd, 22:04; Brooke Westby 5th, 22:32; Alaina Sallee 6th, 22:37; Morgan Guttenberg 9th, 22:50; Ali Cunningham 10th, 22:56; Tyisha Begs His Own 17th, 23:58; Katie Kaiser 18th, 24:10; Faith Sallee 19th, 24:41; Nicole Williams 23rd, 25:49; Mattea Piersak 24th, 25:53; Brinlie Nielsen 26th, 26:16; Alexus Nistler 38th, 29:17; Nataliya Melnyk 39th, 29:24.

Boys team scores: Glasgow 27, Richey/Lambert 67, Poplar 86, Brockton 137. No scores for: Trenton, Williston Trinity, Plentywood, Froid/Lake, Frazer, Culbertson, Wolf Point.

Merlin McKean 1st,, 17:30; Ellis McKean 2nd, 17:32; Wilson Overby 3rd, 17:38; Colin Jamba 10th, 18:51; Kasey Seyfert 11th, 19:09; Jacob Meiers 12th, 19:26; Colton Pewitt 19th, 20:08; Tanner Overby 26th, 20:54; Shane Sinclair 27th, 21:06; John Cremer 31st, 21:50; Trevor Johnson 33rd, 22:05; Tony Kaiser 36th, 22:25; Presly Hallock 39th, 22:37; Jaysen Turner 40th, 23:17; Jordan Billingsley 46th, 24:43.

Next, the Scotties host their invitational Saturday, Sept. 24 at Fort Peck


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