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By Georgie Kulczyk
The Courier 

Thunder Lands in "B" Division for State Meet

28 Swimmers Qualify for the Big Show


Georgie Kulczyk / The Courier

The Glasgow Kiwanis Thunder prepare for the parade of athletes at the divisional meet held in Malta July 23 and 24. The Thunder will be represented by 28 swimmers at the state meet in Hamilton July 30 and 31.

The Glasgow Kiwanis Swim Team finished their eighth weekend of competition July 23 and 24 in Malta, where the divisional swim meet was held.

With 370 swimmers from ten veteran teams, the competition was tough. Swimmers must place in the top 12 of their events just to qualify for state competition. That's not an easy task, and not all swimmers make it past divisionals.

The Thunder was represented by just more than half of their rostered team, with 32 swimmers competing at the two-day meet. Of those 32 athletes, 28 swimmers qualified to compete at the state meet this weekend in Hamilton, where the East will meet the West in four separate divisions July 30 and 31.

Glasgow finished just two-and-a-half points behind Malta, which knocked the Thunder into the "B" division for state. In that division, Glasgow will be swimming against the best swimmers from Shelby, Plentywood, Fort Benton, Harlem, and Chester.

Relay results:

Girls 8 & under 100m freestyle relay: (Myli Swindler, Kimber Dulaney, Sophia Larson, Kaitlyn Hiltunen) 6th, 1:33.42.

Girls 9-10 100m freestyle relay: (Shalynn Pedersen, Grace Reyes, Torrance Braaten, Abigail Kulczyk), 5th, 1:49.60.

Girls 11-12 200m freestyle relay: (Tori Pehlke, Ava Reyes, Raelee Dowden, Klaire Krumwiede), 2nd, 2:29.46.

Boys 15-19 200m freestyle relay: (Tony Kaiser, Jordan Billingsley, Trevor Johnson, Ben Miller), 5th, 2:06.86.

Girls 15-19 200m freestyle relay: (Katie Kaiser, DJ Rasmusan, Jordan Kulczyk, Khloe Krumwiede), 1st, 2:06.62.

Girls 8 & under 100m medley relay: (Kimber Dulaney, Sophia Larson, Kaitlyn Hiltunen, Myli Swindler), 6th, 1:56.94.

Boys 11-12 200m medley relay: (Zavier Urbin, Bergen Miller, Dalton Sand, Damian Cable), 6th, 3:24.51.

Girls 11-12 200m medley relay: (Klaire Krumwiede, Iris McKean, Raelee Dowden, Tori Pehlke), 3rd, 2:57.13.

Boys 15-19 200m medley relay: (Jordan Billingsley, Ben Miller, Tony Kaiser, Trevor Johnson), 5th, 2:27.31.

Girls 15-19 200m medley relay: (Katie Kaiser, Khloe Krumwiede, Jordan Kulczyk, DJ Rasmusan), 1st, 2:27.40.

Individual results:

Jordan Billingsley: 11th, 50m freestyle, 33.41; 3rd, 100m backstroke, 1:22.56.

Rachel Billingsley: 5th, 200m individual medley, 3:40.93; 11th, 100m breaststroke, 1:55.82; 7th, 100m butterfly, 1:42.88.

Raelee Dowden: 6th, 200m individual medley, 3:35.51; 10th, 100m freestyle, 1:22.68; 10th, 50m backstroke, 45.85.

Kimber Dulaney: 12th, 25m backstroke, 31.59.

Jazmine Foster-Shaw: 12th, 100m freestyle, 1:42.87; 9th, 100m backstroke, 2:12.03; 9th, 100m butterfly, 2:13.70.

Kaitlyn Hiltunen: 7th, 100m individual medley, 2:14.59; 9th, 25m freestyle, 21.15; 6th, 25m butterfly, 24.37.

Trevor Johnson: 3rd, 200m individual medley, 2:58.06; 2nd, 50m butterfly, 32.58; 2nd, 100m butterfly, 1:15.03.

Katie Kaiser: 4th, 50m freestyle, 30.73; 2nd, 100m backstroke, 1:22.04; 2nd, 400m freestyle, 5:27.78.

Tony Kaiser: 11th, 100m freestyle, 1:10.87; 12th, 50m butterfly, 38.79; 4th, 400m freestyle, 5:29.91.

Khloe Krumwiede: 1st, 200m individual medley, 2:54.56; 1st, 50m freestyle, 29.22; 1st, 100m freestyl,e 1:07.50.

Klaire Krumwiede: 2nd, 50m freestyle, 33.25; 2nd, 100m freestyle, 1:14.53; 4th, 50m backstroke, 43.72.

Abigail Kulczyk: 13th, 100m individual medley, 2:23.88.

Jordan Kulczyk: 2nd, 100m freestyle, 1:11.47; 5th, 100m backstroke, 1:29.30; 3rd, 400m freestyle, 5:51.46.

Sophia Larson: 11th, 100m individual medley, 2:27.81; 7th, 25m breaststroke, 30.97; 8th, 25m backstroke, 26.76.

Iris McKean: 10th, 50m breaststroke, 50.80.

Ben Miller: 6th, 100m breaststroke, 1:32.00; 12th, 100m freestyle, 1:11.79; 8th, 400m freestyle, 5:58.30.

Bergen Miller: 3rd, 50m breaststroke, 47.28.

Tori Pehlke: 7th, 200m individual medley, 3:40.98; 9th, 50m breaststroke, 49.89;12th, 50m backstroke, 47.65.

DJ Rasmusan: 5th, 50m freestyle, 33.84; 4th, 100m freestyle, 1:15.06; 4th, 400m freestyle, 6:05.71.

Ava Reyes: 9th, 200m individual medley, 4:05.67.

Dalton Sand: 2nd, 200m individual medley, 3:04.43; 6th, 50m freestyle, 35.28; 2nd, 50m butterfly, 35.63.

Natosha Sand: 7th, 100m breaststroke, 1:45.85; 5th, 100m freestyle, 1:18.95; 4th, 50m butterfly, 41.51.

Myli Swindler: 13th, 100m individual medley, 2:32.14; 11th, 25m breaststroke, 32.40.

Zavier Urbin: 7th, 50m backstroke, 50.31; 6th, 50m butterfly, 50.90.


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