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By Virgil Vaupel
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On Guns, the Illusion of Control, and Deregulation


Since the early 1980’s there have been over 200 major publications touting the number of gun laws nationwide at the 20,000 figure. Since the early 1980’s lots of people have been killed with guns, singly or in bunches. No irreverence intended. Just the facts. And what good did all those early gun laws do? I suppose no one can say with any degree of certainty. If we had fewer gun laws would the killings have escalated? Would they have declined?

Seems to me that each new piece of gun-trol legislation is presented or written by folks in government who’re not really interested in controlling guns. It’s just a lame attempt to garner the possible swing votes of the hard core gun control advocates. And to show folks back home they are really ‘doing something that matters.’

The number of gun control laws and regulations has been widely disputed across the country. Some ask “What is the strict definition of ‘gun control’”? Others ask “Who wants to control my gun and why do they want this control”? Still others, like myself, ask “Why the hell not simply enforce the myriad gun laws we already have”?

What I’m sayin’ is why not dig up a simple law already on the books with some real teeth in it and enforce it to the maximum. No loop holes, no do-overs, and no plea of mental incompetancy. No Bleeding Heart Liberals saying, “Oh he was always a good boy.” This just after the “good boy” gunned down 15 people in a movie theater.

In the case of this ISIS affiliated gunman who slaughtered 49 people in Florida, had he lived, I would have put him in solitary confinement. Then I would have sentenced him to death by firing squad. The next morning I would take him out, tie him to a post do the "ready, aim, fire" thing and he’d hear nothing but “click”. I’d say “Oops, misfire” and take him back to his cell telling him we had a problem but it should be fixed by tomorrow morning. This would go for a month or so. Every day. Maybe a couple times there would be actual gun fire but the bullets would miss just by a hair’s breadth while a dark stain would appear on his pants.

Then I’d tell him a lawyer was working on his case and he would be released in a week. Then drag that out as long as I could.

After a year or so of this mental torture I’d take him out to the very center of the Everglades and drop him in by night with hand cuffs and leg chains attached.

I would do all of the above in a very public manner, video and all to show the public I was serious about dealing with people killing innocent people.

Too tough for you BHLs and ACLUs? ‘Scuse me.

It’s time to not turn the other cheek. Life behind bars is made too easy these days. It’s not really like what you see on these scripted TV shows. Sure, it’s no picnic in the Big House but some say it beats the death sentence alternative.

But I digress.

Back to the gun-trol thingie. The vast majority of gun laws have to do with the manufacturing, design, sale, purchase and possession of firearms. It’s been researched by several or more outfits and most of them say there are just 300 or so “real” gun laws - federal, state and local - with teeth that deal with the criminal element. One with any sense at all would deduce that maybe...just maybe somewhere in the reams of paperwork involved there should be a law or regulation that would do justice all the way around. We do not need more regulations.

What we do need are regulations to un-regulate us from those who are trying to regulate us.

That’s it for now folks. Thanks for listening.


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