By Terry Trang
Notes From Nashua 

Pushing the Positive


I attended two Nashua School board meetings last week. I no longer have a child at Nashua School. My husband and I no longer work full-time at the school, but we are very involved in extra-curricular activities. We both graduated from schools that have closed their doors. It was a slow, painful process and one that we would never want to happen in Nashua.

It’s no secret that Nashua School is going through major staff changes. As I sat at the board meetings, I observed the school board working very hard to resolve the issues in order to open the doors this fall. They have a monumental task ahead of them, replacing administration, teachers and support staff. I don’t know why district employees and students have left Nashua School, and at this point I feel the only thing that matters is the staff and students that will be at the school come Fall.

So what can I do? First and foremost, I can offer my support to the current school board, staff and students. I can attend meetings, I can volunteer and I can stay positive. Negativity has a way of growing and growing, until that’s all you can see. No issue is black or white. There are more than two sides to everything! A person needs to verbalize the inner conflict. They need a safe, supportive environment where they feel free to communicate. When the issues are thoroughly discussed and both sides (or many sides) had their say – then it’s time for positive ideas and positive discussion. Sometimes it’s harder to find the positive and easier to only see the negative. It takes a conscious effort to stop the doom and gloom. I have to be vigilant in my work life and personal life and always, always look for the sunshine behind the clouds.

There are many other ways to show support for the school. I understand they are starting a PTO – Parent and Teacher Organization. There’s also a newly formed Porcupine Booster Club.

Oh and there’s one more thing I can do. I can continue to sit in the bleachers and cheer very, very loud for my Nashua Porcupines.


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