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By Georgie Kulczyk
The Courier 

Scotties Honored at All-Sports Banquet

Etchart Earns Golden Scottie


Georgie Kulczyk / The Courier

Abbi Kolstad (L) and Ethan Etchart (R) were named Outstanding Senior Athletes at the All-Sports Banquet held May 31.

The second annual Scottie all-sports banquet was held Tuesday, May 31 in the St. Raphaels gymnasium. More than 300 guests attended the event, which was sponsored by the Scottie Booster Club.

Area athletes that participated in Scottie sports were awarded varsity letters and received recognition for their participation in the 2015-2016 athletic season.

Following a meal prepared and served by the booster club, keynote speaker Mark Sulser addressed the audience. Sulser graduated from GHS in 1986 and was a three-sport stand out for the Scotties.

During his time at GHS, Sulser was selected 1st Team All-State in football and was a two-time state champion in the 300m hurdles. After high school, he attended the University of Montana to play football.

After graduating from the U of M, Sulser spent 24 years as a teacher, coach, and administrator in Billings. In his 14 years as head coach of the Billings Senior Broncs, Sulser led the team to two State AA championship game appearances.

Sulser shared some of his own experiences as an athlete and coach with the audience and stressed the importance of dedication and hard work when participating in athletics. Sulser also touched on the depth of Scottie pride, explaining that the tradition of being a Scottie and the pride that goes with it is unfading.

Following Sulser's address, each of the GHS coaches gave a brief re-cap of their seasons and presented awards to their participating athletes.

Senior Ethan Etchart was awarded the coveted Golden Scottie award by GHS' Activity Director, Brenner Flaten. Etchart earned the recognition by participating in sports and maintaining eligibility requirements for his entire high school career.

Full list of varsity letters earned and awards presented:

Cheer (head coach Sereta Row) Varsity letter winners: Lily Helland, fall and winter; Tayte Prewett, fall and winter; McKenna Gagne, fall and winter; Kendra Vaughn, Des'Rea Dible, Jaycie Rogenes, Maddy Uphaus, Lauren Kolstad, Ellie Page – fall; Alexa Shipp, Lauren Runningen, Mary Fewer, Rachel Sigmundstad – winter; Academic all-state: Lily Helland, fall and winter; Kendra Vaughn, Des'Rea Dible, Ellie Page, Jaycie Rogenes – fall; Alexa Shipp, Lauren Runningen, Mary Fewer – winter.

Cross Country - Girls 5th State, Boys 4th State, (head coach Rod Karst) Varsity letter winners: Emily Kolstad, Walker Allen, Morgan Guttenberg, Katie Kaiser, Logan Gunderson, Gabe Hallock Mary Fewer, Chase Hughes, Julia Kolstad, Brinlie Nielsen, Ethan Jamba, Colin Jamba, Faith Sallee Ellis McKean, Alex Simensen, Merlin McKean, Braden Meland, Shane Sinclair, Cade Myrick; Academic all-state: Morgan Guttenberg, Katie Kaiser, Alex Simensen, Mary Fewer, Logan Gunderson, Julia Kolstad, Colin Jamba, Braden Meland, Merlin McKean, Ellis McKean, Shane Sinclair.

Volleyball - District 2B Champions, 4th Place Northern B (head coach Lori Dailey) Varsity letter winners: Katie Brandt, Khloe Krumwiede, Rachel Mickelson, Baylie Chappell, Rikki Stormy, Lauren Runningen, Jesi Kennedy, Kiauna Barstad, Jazmine Shaw, Teagan Fossum, Hannah Mickelson, Keirsten Wethern (manager); Academic all-state: Rachel Mickelson, Khloe Krumwiede, Rikki Stormy, Jesi Kennedy, Katie Brandt, Teagan Fossum, Hannah Mickelson, Baylie Chappell, Kiauna Barstad, Keirsten Wethern (manager); All-conference: Khloe Krumwiede (first team), Rachel Mickelson, Rikki Stormy, Teagan Fossum; All-state: Khloe Krumwiede, Teagan Fossum, Rikki Stormy.

Football - 2nd Place District 2B (head coach Greg Liebelt) Varsity letter winners: Ethan Etchart, Cache Younkin, Cody King, Alex Fransen, Lane Nickels, Jack Helland, Luke Breigenzer, Austin Leatherberry, Trent Herbert, Casey Mattfeldt, Nathan Murdoch, Kyle Ross, Grant Morken, Darrin Wersal, Wyatt Mattfeldt, Jaden Hughes, Logan McColly, John McColly, Tayor Padden, Chase Williams, Kasey Seyfert, Thomas Sebastian, Benji Phillips, Lane Provencher, Nolan Viste, Karissa Liebelt (manager), Janae Zerbe (manager), Fallon Larsen (manager), Taylor Trathen (manager); Academic all-state: Ethan Etchart, Luke Breigenzer, Benji Phillips, Trent Herbert, Kasey Seyfert, Alex Fransen, John McColly, Karissa Liebelt (manager); All-conference: Benji Phillips (first team), Luke Breigenzer, Cache Younkin, Lane Nickels, Alex Fransen (second team), Grant Morken, Wyatt Mattfeldt, Lane Provencher, Ethan Etchart; All-state: Benji Phillips; Class B all-stars: Ethan Etchart, Lane Nickels.

Boys Basketball – 4th Place District 2B (head coach Norm Braaten) Varsity letter winners: Luke Breigenzer, Zach Miller, Ethan Etchart, Tyler Hersom, Chase Hughes, Braydon Ross, Cade Myrick, Trent Herbert, Bryce Legare, Ashlyn Aten (manager), Meghan Schultz (manager); Academic all-state: Zach Miller, Trent Herbert, Ethan Etchart, Luke Breigenzer; All-conference: Cade Myrick (second team).

Girls Basketball - 2nd place District 2B, 4th Place Northern B (head coach Jon Kolstad) Varsity letter winners: D.J. Rasmusan, Abbi Kolstad, Khloe Krumwiede, Jordan Kulczyk, Lexi Nixdorf, Leinie Hughes, Tyra Johnson, Demi Aune, Jazmine Shaw, Ashtyn Myrick, Kaylee King, Micah Tweten (manager); Academic all-state: DJ Rasmusan, Abbi Kolstad, Kaylee King, Demi Aune, Micah Tweten (manager); All-conference: Abbi Kolstad (first team), Khloe Krumwiede (second team), Leinie Hughes; All-state: Abbi Kolstad; Treasure State Classic: Abbi Kolstad, Tyra Johnson, Leinie Hughes, Jordan Kulczyk.

Wrestling – 5th place Eastern BC, 7th Place State BC (head coach Jory Casterline) Varsity letter winners: Gabe Hallock, Jaden Hughes, Matt Reyling, Trevor Overvold, Oden Hallock, Kasey Seyfert, Mitchell Overvold, Alex Hallock, Darrin Wersal, Cody King, Blaine Myrick, Mick Reyling, Katie Kaiser (manager), Randi Jo Klind (manager), Jordan Johnson (manager), Sarah Law (manager); Academic all-state: Matt Reyling; All-conference: Matt Reyling, Mick Reyling, Gabe Hallock, Cody King; All-state: Matt Reyling **, Mick Reyling, Gabe Hallock, Cody King. **State Champ

Golf - Girls 3rd place Division 1, Boys 6th Place Division 1 (head coach Dave Riggin) Varsity letter winners: Lexi Pehlke, Blaine Myrick, Amy Nelson, Taylor Palm, Oden Hallock, Lauren Runningen, Cody Ross, Heidi Moon, Max Carpenter, Jeremiah Wethern, Fallon Larsen; Academic all-state: Amy Nelson; All-conference: Lauren Runningen, Lexi Pehlke, Amy Nelson.

Softball – 2nd place Eastern BC, 4th Place State BC (head coach Gil Johnson) Varsity letter winners: Devon Johnson, Tyra Johnson, Tasha Chamberlain, Khloe Krumwiede, Abbi Kolstad, Taylor Trathen, Jaycee Wixson, Ziggy Chamberlain, Tiana Johnson, Ashtyn Myrick, Rachel Boese, Kennedy Schmidt, Kiauna Barstad, Jordan Johnson, Lexi Nixdorf; Academic all-state: Tasha Chamberlain, Abbi Kolstad, Ziggy Chamberlain; All-conference: Tyra Johnson (first team) Khloe Krumwiede, Ziggy Chamberlain, Tiana Johnson, Abbi Kolstad (second team); All-state: Tyra Johnson, Khloe Krumwiede.

Track and Field – Boys District 2B Champions and Northern B Champions, Girls District 2B and Northern B 2nd Place, Boys 9th, Girls 10th at State (head coach Tim Phillips) Varsity letter winners: Baylie Chappell, Luke Breigenzer, Teagan Fossum, Ethan Etchart, Morgan Guttenberg, Brett Glaser, Andrea Hansen, Logan Gunderson, Leinie Hughes, Trent Herbert, Katie Kaiser, Tayson Hoerster, Kaylee King, Chase Hughes, Julia Kolstad, Ethan Jamba, Emily Kolstad, Cody King, Jordan Kulczyk, Garrett Lloyd, Karissa Liebelt, Ellis McKean, Hannah Mickelson, Merlin McKean, Brinlie Nielsen, Cade Myrick, Alaina Sallee, Benji Phillips, Alex Simensen, Kyle Ross, Brooke Westby, Trevor Toavs, Walker Allen, Rachel Sigmundstad (manager); Academic all-state: Logan Gunderson, Trevor Toavs, Ethan Etchart, Karissa Liebelt, Walker Allen, Julia Kolstad; All-conference: Baylie Chappell, Teagan Fossum, Leinie Hughes, Katie Kaiser, Kaylee King, Alex Simensen, Julia Kolstad, Luke Breigenzer, Emily Kolstad, Jordan Kulczyk, Karissa Liebelt, Brooke Westby, Walker Allen, Ethan Etchart, Logan Gunderson, Chase Hughes, Cody King, Morgan Guttenberg, Andrea Hansen, Alaina Sallee, Ellis McKean, Merlin McKean, Cade Myrick, Benji Phillips, Kyle Ross, Trevor Toavs, Brett Glaser (relay), Trent Herbert (relay), Brinlie Nielsen (relay), Garrett Lloyd (relay); All-state: Benji Phillips**, Baylie Chappell, Leinie Hughes, Julia Kolstad, Alex Simensen, Luke Breigenzer, Jordan Kulczyk (relay), Emily Kolstad (relay) **State Champ.

2015-16 Scottie Athletic Award Winners: Fall Cheer - Most Valuable, Lily Helland; Most Improved, Jaycie Rogenes; Most Outstanding, McKenna Gagne. Winter Cheer - Most Valuable, Lauren Runningen; Most Improved, Rachel Sigmundstad; Most Outstanding, Alexa Shipp. Football - MVP, Benji Phillips; Most Valuable Offense, Benji Phillips; Most Valuable Defense, Luke Breigenzer; Eric Wentland Most Outstanding Lineman, Grant Morken; Steven Jimison Most Inspirational, Alex Fransen. Cross Country - Most Valuable Female, Emily Kolstad; Most Valuable Male, Walker Allen; Scottie Pride, Braden Meland, Morgan Guttenberg, and Logan Gunderson. Volleyball - MVP, Rikki Stormy; Most Valuable Offense, Khloe Krumwiede; Most Valuable Defense, Rachel Mickelson; Coaches Award, Teagan Fossum; Scottie Pride, Kiauna Barstad. Boys Basketball - MVP - Zach Miller; Most Improved - Cade Myrick; Most Valuable Defense - Tyler Hersom; Scottie Hustle Award - Ethan Etchart. Girls Basketball - MVP, Abbi Kolstad; Most Rebounds, Leinie Hughes; Most Steals, Khloe Krumwiede; Most Improved, Tyra Johnson; Scottie Hustle Award, Jordan Kulczyk. Wrestling - Most Valuable Wrestler and Most Takedowns, Matt Reyling; Most Improved and Most Pins, Gabe Hallock; Most Pins - Cody King. Golf - Male MVP, Cody Ross; Female MVP, Amy Nelson; Most Improved Boys, Jeremiah Wethern; Most Improved Girls,Lauren Runningen; Coaches Award, Heidi Moon. Track and Field -Male MVP, Benji Phillips; Female MVP, Alex Simensen; Coaches Awards – Ethan Etchart, Kaylee King, and Walker Allen. Softball – MVP, Khloe Krumwiede; Offensive MVP, Tiana Johnson; Defensive MVP, Tyra Johnson;Scottie Pride Award, Abbi Kolstad; Most Improved, Kennedy Schmidt.

Golden Scottie Award Winner: Ethan Etchart - 4x Football, 4x Basketball, 4x Track

Outstanding Senior Athletes: Female – Abbi Kolstad: One year of cross country, four years of basketball (two-time all-state), four years of softball (three-time all-conference) Academics – 3.093 cumulative GPA; Male – Ethan Etchart: four years of football (two-time all-conference), four years of basketball, four years of track (two-time all-conference) Academics – 3.957 cumulative GPA.


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