By Parker Kulczyk
Juvenescent Jots 

Why Trump is Successful


Republicans hate Trump. Democrats hate Trump. Social media hates Trump. The media pretends to hate Trump. Everyone hates Trump. Trump Trump Trump. Or do they? In Trump’s case, the phrase “any press is good press” is becoming the most accurate statement ever made. Donald Trump could say that he wants to build a wall and make Canada pay for it and people would go crazy, both for and against. But it’s not about his politics. It never was. Because Donald Trump isn’t a politician. He is a rich guy. He doesn’t think like a politician, and does he act like one. He acts like a typical American citizen. He disrespects every race other than white and every gender other than male. And it’s working. People categorize him as a wealthy person fed up with how government is handling issues, not a lying politician that is in it for himself.

Here is an excerpt of a comment from a user on Reddit, discussing Trump: “Have you ever based your entire premise on being a loud mouth racist xenophobe and gotten the support of literally millions of people, in a country built on genocide and slavery of non whites literally right after the current holder of the position you’re going after was elected because he was a minority and different from what is norm? The man is literally a genius, he is like Reagan on bath salts and a 10,000cc IV of Red Bull.”

Do I think Trump is the best fit for America? No. Do I think he will destroy America? No, not that either. Do I think he will build a wall? Maybe, actually.


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