By Gwendolyne Honrud
The Courier 

Law Enforcement Brief


The Sheriff’s department issued 11 MIPs Saturday night at a party west of town. “When the weather is nice, we’ll see more of these outdoor parties,” said Sheriff Glen Meier.

The department intends to work the county heavily to prevent parties where underage drinking and drug use may occur. The next several months will see the sheriff’s department putting a focus on the safety of our community’s young adults. Meier stressed that his department is concerned for their welfare, “It would be devastating to lose one of these kids to a preventable DUI accident.”

Increased patrols will include, but not be limited to, spotting parties and use of the department’s airplane, and will extend across the county, from Hinsdale, to Nashua, up to Opheim.

Meier concluded, “We want to save lives.”


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