By Virgil Vaupel
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Do We Owe Refugees Entrance?


First off I want to tell Hillary that the word protect is not pernounced pertect in polite sirkuls. Hillary tries so very hard to use good speech. Sometimes so much so that she comes across as being phony. Hey! I’m certainly not perfect as the 16.7 readers of Thanks For Listening can tell you. I’m not running for the highest office in the world (although I probably should be) but I think those who are should have proper language skills and enunciation. Trump can be exempt because he’s not trying to be anyone but himself.

I watched the Democratic debate and my impression was this: We’re in deep caca if these two folks are the very best the democrats can come up with. I have never trusted nor liked Hillary ever since she didn’t have the chutzpa to kick Bill’s a$$ for his dalliance with the White House intern no one will ever forget … ol’ what’s-her-name. And Bernie’s desire seems to be to further bankrupt the country with hard-core socialism.

The main thing I took away from this questionable debate was that both candidates favor allowing and/or welcoming the refugees with open arms and wallets. One of the candidates said, “We owe it to the Syrians, other refugees, our allies and the world to welcome our share of the world’s downtrodden.” (I paraphrased a little here and there.)

This is where I draw the line. We do not OWE anyone anything - unless you count the paltry 19 trillion dollar national debt secured mostly with treasury bonds.

We have opened our borders to more people than any other country in the world. We spend hundreds of billions of dollars on refugee and other immigration issues. We are extremely lax in guaranteeing the legal American public that the people entering our country are “mostly” honest, loyal, hard-working and God-fearing people who just want to share the American dream with true Americans.

As I pointed out a year or three ago, one of Hollywood’s semi-smart actors (Matt Damon, for the record) made the comment that only 25 percent of all the worlds’ Muslims are radicals and would do harm to America. Now that gave me a warm and fuzzy for sure. Only 25 percent of a billion and a half people. You do the math.

I favor Trump but we all know his hollow promise to stop all Muslim immigrations is a pile of road apples. The Supreme Court just wouldn’t allow it. C’mon Donald, speak the truth. Promise only what you can realistically deliver.

I find fault with the refugees coming here on so many levels but the one reason that puts a stick in my craw is that they are deserting their motherland.

Yeah, Ok, I hear ya saying, “But, Virgil, these poor folks don’t have any food or water and they certainly don’t have the weapons to fight their oppressors. They lack leadership to be able to fight back and win. Their ‘army’ is just a bunch of rag-tag merchants and Koran salesmen.”

I say this to you. I carry a copy of the United States Constitution in my pocket. That and the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights were written and fought for by a bunch of silver merchants, tavern owners, woodsmen, settlers and one free-thinking sushi bar owner.

They were fighting against the strongest country in the world. They fought against a well-armed and well-fed army who wore really neat red uniforms. The American Minutemen had some old muskets and a whole bunch of pitchforks and they wore coon-skin caps and shirts with frilled fronts.

The thing that won the revolution for these hearty souls was that they were fighting for their freedom from the oppressive England and King George what’s his name. France gave us a little help but I don’t recall reading about any Americans running away to seek asylum or refugee status from any foreign country.

I’ll give it to you that it is a much different world and time than when Paul Revere made his famous ride and threw the tea into Boston harbor but Patrick Henry said it best when he uttered those famous words “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death.” (It was Pat wasn’t it? It’s been so long ago that I sometimes forget things.)

That’s it for now folks. Thanks for listening.


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