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By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Prominent 'Old Stuff'


I love seeing the pictures of old Glasgow buildings, or other historical places that are often in the Courier.  I am sure that comes as a shock when you consider that I like remembering the “old stuff”.

The old County Courthouse often comes to mind, as it is prominent in a lot of pictures of Glasgow in an earlier era. Remember when you licensed your vehicles in January and February. I don’t recall the cut of date for updating your plates, but I do remember that you could count on finding a line of people at the Treasurer’s office. This was probably a good catch up time for visiting with friends and neighbors that you didn’t see too often. I think that you received new license plates each year also. I remember the old black and white plates with current the year in the upper corner.

I also remember references made to the County hospital for the poor, or maybe it was more like an extended care facility. If any of you readers can remember details on that part of the Courthouse, or annex, I would love to visit with you. Remember, research is not my strong point.  I cannot picture a courtroom either, however I do know that some of the furniture used in the courtroom and others areas has been restored and is currently in use. Thinking of courtrooms brings local jails to mind.  I may get to that in a later issue. Until then, stay healthy and warm.


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