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By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Ridge Runners, the Rose Room, the Buckhorn and Bob's Place


It is the time to be thinking of New Year Resolutions. I searched my mind for anything I might remember about these resolutions and the only thing I could remember is the fact few of us keep them for very long. So I decided long ago to not make that effort.

I did discover the fact that resolutions for the New Year started some 4,000 years ago. I don’t think many of them were kept for long either, as it seemed most of them had to do with finance and debt. Yes, even then. So my mind has skipped over the resolution issue to other memories.

Do you remember when there was always a dance at the Ridge Runners on New Year’s Eve? There was always a crowd, lots and dancing, and of course lots of beverages. I am sure there must have been music other places, too. What about the old Rose Room? Did that have a dance floor? Then there was the Buckhorn, and other places that all involved driving, like Bob’s place, located between Glasgow and St. Marie. I like to think that someone was watching out for those of us who were foolish enough to drink and drive on that night as I do not remember too many tragic accidents.

We now have volunteers that give up their time make sure you make it to your home safely. Take advantage of this great service if needed. May the year 2016 start out great, and continue with blessings of Health and Happiness.


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