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By Sandy Laumeyer
Just A Thought 

A Laumeyer Christmas


As I wander through stores looking at all the items on display that can be purchased for Christmas gifts, memories of past Christmases come flowing back. Although some of the memories bring tears, they all bring me smiles.

I remember a Christmas when I was very young and hearing my parents discuss how they were going to be able to buy gifts for my brother and me since the money they had set aside for Christmas had been used to repair our car. But on Christmas morning there was a new pair of jeans and a fire truck for my brother under the tree and a fingerpaint set and doll for me. Years later I learned my grandfather had given Mom and Dad the money for our presents.

Then there was year I gave my brother a 5-foot long T-shirt. I told him I’d heard his complaints about how short the T-shirts were the army issued him so I thought I’d give him one that was a little longer.

A package for me under the tree one year made lots of noise when I shook it, which I did several times a day before Christmas. Opening that package on Christmas Day revealed a multi chain necklace that was very tangled and took me several hours to undo. My Dad loved to pull practical jokes. He told me that since I was always shaking my presents he’d give me one that really aroused my curiosity.

The year after losing our house to fire, we wanted a real tree for Christmas but couldn’t afford it. So we went to our shelterbelt that included pine trees and cut some branches. Taking them into the house, we built a tree in one corner of the living room and decorated it with ornaments and lights I’d purchased at yard sales during the summer.

One of my favorite memories of Christmas was the last one I spent with my father in 1977. We had driven to Iowa to spend Christmas with him and my brother and his family. I still can hear my Dad’s laughter as he watched his grandchildren squealing and yelling with delight when they opened their gifts. What a joyful day that was.

Last, but not least by far, are the memories from baking day with my daughter, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. The excitement among the children runs high and their energy is boundless. As the adults are measuring and mixing ingredients, grandchildren are asking if they can help, what can they do, how they want to stir what’s in the bowls. Stories of family traditions at Christmas and favorite foods circulate throughout the day.

When all the baking is done, we share what we’ve baked by putting together plates of goodies to take to friends.

Family, presents, foods, and decorating the house all combine to make memories and stories to be handed down from one generation to another. May your Christmas be filled with love, peace, and joy and give you many treasured memories.


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