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How Can Santa Tell That You've Been Good This Year?


Mrs. Klind's Kindergarten Class at Irle School

Tessa Stutheit, age 6: "He has the elves watching all year."

Aaron Zoanni, age 6: "He has a camera and I'm always good."

Karlee Hintt, age 6: "He watched me pick up the house, clean my room and put up the Christmas tree with my mom. I even help with the laundry sometimes."

Hank Hopstad, age 6: "A watches through a magic door."

Tyler King, age 6: "He has cameras everywhere."

Gracie Otten, age 5: "He watched me with binoculars."

Charley Allen, age 5: "He has a camera."

Ian Anderson, age 6: "He has been watching me help my mom."

Averylynn Bilger, age 5: "Because I want a toy."

Harlie Cooper, age 6: "He has been spying on me."

Amelia Gilchrist, age 6: "He has a magic globe that he watches kids with."

Makail Dale, age 5: "He has been watching me."

Mrs. Gamas 4th Graders at Irle School

How can Santa tell if you've been good this year?

The Story of Santa

Once upon a time there were two girls who were best friends. One's name was Elisa and the other name was Abigal. They were fun to a lot a people. One day Elisa asked, "How can Santa tell if we've been good this year?"

Abigal did not seem happy. "Whats wrong Abigal?"

"I don't think Santa is real."

"How dare you! I love Santa!"

"I use to until last year when I didn't get what I wanted."

That's when the secret Santa project was born.

"You just got that off your favorite movie so I want to capture Santa."

"Well I don't want you to. Please don't do it! If you capture him he well miss my house"

A Week Before Christmas

"Hey Elisa."

"What do you want?"

"I thought about it. Will you be part of my plan?"

"Why would I want to be part of your plan? Part your plan is capturing Santa."

"Well, we x out my plan and figure out the answer to your question."

"Okay, ready for my answer Elisa?"


"Well, here it is the story .....

Long time ago God created Santa and the elves. That's when the toy shop came. Santa's answer is I'm magic, but the real answer is that it lays in God's mind. Ok, this is what I'm trying to say: its God's power. He gave some to him so he's magic, that's all I know. Good luck Santa Claus!!!!!


He spies on us with his two best friends, Elisa and Abigal!!!

By Thea Moore

How can Santa tell if I've been good all year?

I have been doing the dishes and taking out the garbage. I have also been doing the laundry. I share with my friends and family. Santa made a good and bad list, I'm on the good list. Your elf spy has been watching me, I know it. Santa knows I'm good.

By Jack Bishop

Santa has a globe that he looks into twice every month. The globe always shows what the kids do when they are being naughty. Then he puts the people being naughty on the naughty list. He checks that every month too. On Christmas eve, when he brings presents, he leaves a note with the parents to help their kids be nicer.

By Jayny Ramsey

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Santa can tell because he has globes for every person. He puts them on a projector and the globes show if we have geen naughty or nice. He checks them all the time. You probably wonder how he checks all the time. Well, he has them in a huge safe. He keeps all the names on a special gold plate above your globe. He checks 5 every minute each day until Christmas. He sometimes has each elf check 15 of the globes each day. All of the globes are checked in a month, so then the next month he checks them again and again and again. Right know he also might be checking your globe. That's how he knows if you are naughty or nice.

By Myalya Grandchamp

In a small village there was a workshop called Santa's workshop, and it was in the middle of the North Pole. Inside his workshop he had a long list he checks twice every single day while drinkingh hot chocolate. A little elf on the shelf watches you to make sure you are good and sends a message to Santa. Santa also has a tattoo on each arm that tells him if you're good or not.

By Nichole DeGreek

Santa can tell that I've been good because I have an elf on the shelf. Do you see him? I wonder if you have a big house and you can open up a little door watch us? I think you watch all the schools and this very classroom. Do you place little cameras everywhere to see what we are up to?

By Vaughn Miller

A present came, the kid wanted to open the present. His mom said there's a secret in it. Then it went to Kade's house. We saw tiny feet running down the street so we chased the present. Then Kade ran as fast as he could to get the present. Then we took the present back to Kade's house; it was an elf. He spies on people for Santa.

By Eli Feezell

How can Santa tell if you've been good this year? Santa has security cameras all around the world. Or maybe he has a portal that he goes in and see us. Or maybe he has men that dress up like people. Or maybe he had an elf that watches you on a shelf at your home. Or maybe he has a snow globe that can see people who are naughty or who are nice. Or maybe he has a reindeer that flies around the world to dee who's naughty or who's nice.

By Dean Lewis

Santa can tell if I've been good because he can see me when I sleep. He is magic. He has like a million elves that make things that are magic so Santa can see you. Santa can tell when I've been good because he sends his elves to come and watch me.

Santa is an awesome person. He can tell if I'm good because he is magic. He is the most powerful person. He is watching everything I do in fact he is watching me right now ... best thing yet PRESENTS

By Briah Garfield

Santa can tell that I've been good because of the elf on the shelf, even though I don't have one. Santa can also tell by looking at cameras that are up in every house across the world to help him see if you have been good or bad. I think I have been good enough to make it on the good list.

By Renzee Thorne

Santa has magic powers, that is how he can tell if you have been good or bad. Santa can change into other people so he can get closer so he knows if you been good. He also sends elves out to watch kids and report back to Santa. Santa also can make presents really fast. Everybody likes Santa. He brings joy to the world. That is how Santa tells if you have been good this year.

By KJ Ingram

Our elf on the shelf tells Santa if we been good. He went to New York to go sky diving off a sky scraper. Then he went back to my house and rode my cat. Next he found an evil elf and they fought; the good elf won. Then he goes back to Santa and tells him if we were good. When he comes back, he finds a hinding spot; then you try to find the elf again.

By Nate Hentges


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