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By Sandy Laumeyer
Just A Thought 

Thinking Thanksgiving


As Thanksgiving approaches, people are listing what they are grateful for. I, along with millions of other people in our nation, have much to be thankful for. But I am also thankful for things I don’t have.

It isn’t necessary for me to be in a wheelchair because of my hip replacement surgery. I don’t have to travel miles for the simplest of medical care. And I can choose my doctor.

When I want to travel to another town or state I don’t have to get permission from anyone to do so. And I don’t have to justify my reason for traveling.

Although I must present a form of identification when I vote, I am not told I cannot vote for the candidate of my choice.

My children are grown and have their own homes and careers, but I did not have the ability taken away to educate them where I chose. And they have not been informed what field of work they are to pursue.

The right to worship where and how I please is still my choice.

Who I visit with is not limited to a certain few. Neither is when I can visit with a friend or the length of my visit.

My choice of books, magazines, and newspapers is not dictated. Nor is my choice of which movies I want to watch.

We have so very, very much to be thankful for. We also have very, very much to be thankful for for what we don’t have.

May you all have a Thanksgiving filled with laughter, joy, and peace.


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