By Karen Bender
Letter To the Editor 

Some Things You Should Know About Abortion


In answer to an article Mary put in The Glasgow Courier Oct. 28, “Are They Willing,” the questions were asked, “How many unwanted children are being born each year? How many of those unwanted children are abused and/or killed?

In the article part II, Nov. 4, you say that the National Children's Alliance tells you that in 2013 an estimated 1,520 children in the United States died of abuse or neglect. Well, guess what? Way over 1,000 babies are murdered A DAY in this county by abortionists because people like you believe them to be throwaways. You have no feelings whatsoever for the pain these little human beings go through.

You destroy innocent lives and our government has gone along with it. Actually, I should say you and the Democrats have gone along with it. Their party platform strongly support a woman's right to make decisions regarding her pregnancy, including a safe and legal abortion, regardless of ability to pay. Not only do they side with you, but they make us, the taxpayer, help pay for this immoral act.

That makes us participants in her abortion even though we do not want to be. So, you are taking away our moral choice, right? Our choice doesn't include murder.

Just think, at nine weeks, just over two months, 90 percent of the baby's body structure is formed, the same as in a full-grown adult. At 10 weeks, a baby's body is completely formed. He/she is so perfectly formed that fingerprints are already in place.

At 18 weeks, four and a half months, the portion of the brain responsible for functions such as reasoning, memory and language has the same number of nerve cells as a full-grown adult. Pain sensory receptors have spread to all portions of the skin and mucous membranes. Babies feel the pain of the abortionist murdering them.

At 20 weeks the baby sleeps, awakes and can hear sound, and at 24 weeks its grip is strong enough to hold objects that move up and down. If born, this baby has an 80 percent chance of living.

Now, I'd like you to go on the computer and type in, “Abortion video proves that Carly Fiorino was right,” and if you can watch that video and still say women have a right to murder their baby, then you are one sick person, because the video shows a baby being born.

It comes out alive with its little hands and feet moving. The abortionist cuts the umbilical cord, moves her hand around with the baby showing it is moving and very much alive. She then puts it in a cold metal bowl with the tool she used still attached to the umbilical cord. She lets you see that the baby is still moving. She then comes back and yanks the baby around by the umbilical cord. At one point, even though the baby doesn't seem to be moving, you can see the heartbeat in its neck. She finally takes the instrument off the umbilical cord, but then she uses it to poke and push the baby around until there is absolutely no sign of life left. This wasn't just murder, it was a cruel murder, and someone should be held accountable for it.

Also, watch “Partial birth abortion procedure with real instruments.” It shows how the abortionist holds the baby as it is being born. Just before the head comes out, they take a scissor and shove it into the base of the skull upwards into the baby's brain. Then they open and close the scissor, and if that doesn't kill the baby, they take a tube and put it in the hole made by the scissor and hook it to a vacuum to suck the baby's brains out. By this time the baby has been murdered and they pull the head out of the mother's body, completing the abortion.

They have more sick ways they murder babies. If you want to know, just look them up on the computer.

Now, I want to ask you a question. If someone came into your home with a gun and with just one shot stopped your loved one's heart from beating, would you cry murder? You bet your boots you would. ABORTION STOPS A HEART FROM BEATING AND IT IS MURDER.

I hope some of you people who weren't sure how you felt about abortion will do your own research and decide for yourself if you can stand with these women as, in almost all cases, they selfishly take the life of their unborn baby.


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