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By Candis France
Letter To The Editor 

Dr. Mirich, We Need You


Dr. Mirich,

We Need You

Three years ago, my daughter injured her knee and needed emergency surgery. It was a very hard time as she wasn’t immediately diagnosed. Fortunately she was able to get in to see Dr. Mirich and got the surgery she needed, thanks to this outstanding doctor.

I have often thought how extremely fortunate we were to have him here locally, and would try to visualize the nightmare it would have been if we would have had to go to Billings. I know he is and has been such a blessing to this community and our story is by far not the only one. People come here from all over to see him, what a switch.

I was totally shocked to hear that his contract was not going to be renewed with the same terms he previously had. Really, and why? Not enough plane trips to Billings? Personality clash? What?? This is simply outrageous. Who or whom is responsible for this? It would seem everything should be done to see that he does stay; he and his wife, Susan, are such wonderful, generous assets to this community. Please, powers that be, rectify this travesty. We need Dr. Mirich here.


Candis France



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