Hail, Hinsdale: July 27, 2015


Virgil Vaupel / The Courier

The Courier's Virgil Vaupel measures hail collected in Hinsdale after thunderstorms hit the area on July 27. Elsewhere, the National Weather Service in Glasgow found that a large macroburst hit Glendive and the surrounding area, with higher intense microburst winds within the line of storms. Many residents reported these phenomena as a tornado, but photos and videos investigated by NWSG indicated a large shelf cloud with considerable scud clouds condensing ahead of the line. According to NWSG social media, these are often mistaken for funnels. A full report and photos will be available by Wednesday, July 29 via NWSG social media and other outlets. In Glendive, the airport had a wind gust to 90 mph before the anemometer was blown off the roof. Severe weather systems including thunderstorms hit the region generally, blanketing Valley County residents with heavy rains, hail, and high winds.


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