By James Walling
The Courier 

County Heeds Fair Board, Removes Hartsock


There was a packed house at the June 17 meeting of the county commissioners.

Members of the Valley County Fair Board and individuals from the public spoke for and against a recommendation to the commission that Glasgow resident Gene Hartsock be removed from the board for a list of reasons relating to alleged use of foul language, threatening behavior, and other largely unsubstantiated accusations.

All attendees who spoke on the subject allowed that Hartsock has done excellent work for the county and other peripherally related civic organizations like Valley County 4-H.

Commissioner Bruce Peterson explained that while he and the county appreciated the fine work that Hartsock had done over the years, he regretfully felt it was necessary to honor the board's request for changes in its makeup.

All three commissioners upheld the board's recommendation and voted for Hartsock's dismissal.

Due to a prior agreement, Hartsock will continue with planning and logistical support for the July 4 fireworks show at the fairgrounds.


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