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By Sandy Laumeyer
Just A Thought 

Life's Not Fair If You Let It Be That Way


I will get a check on Friday for $400," a young man told his mother, "and I won't get to keep one penny of it because my car insurance is $400. It just isn't fair."

My answer would be, "There's a lot in life people think isn't fair. But there's a positive note to what you are saying. You have a job and can pay that $400. What about the person who has that bill and can't pay it?"

It isn't only the people in their 20s who struggle. There are people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, even 60s, who wonder how they are going to meet their obligations. They most likely make the comment about things not being fair.

A long time ago I read a short paragraph that went like this:

Imagine you have a sack of rocks. And each rock is something you are dealing with. Now you and 11 other people sit on the floor in a circle, open your sacks of rocks, and spill them out in front of you. When they all see how many problems the others have, almost every single one of them will take back their own troubles.

Getting to where you want to be by a certain age takes hard work, determination, and sacrifice. It doesn't happen overnight.

You may have to give up going out to lunch or supper three or four times a week and choose only one day to do that. And when it comes to buying an item, you will have to ask yourself "Is it really necessary for me to buy this? Do I really need it or is it that I just want it?"

Learning to separate wants from needs will go a long ways towards helping you achieve your goal.

Your social life may have to change to visiting with some of your friends instead of going out for the evening with them. Or renting a movie and making popcorn yourself instead of going to the theater. All the way towards your goal, you will have to analyze every penny you spend or intend to spend.

I've known people who didn't get their homes paid off until they were well into their 60s. Perhaps they may have been able to get rid of their mortgage 10 or 15 years earlier, but because of circumstances it took longer than they had anticipated.

Reaching your goal also includes focusing on it in the long term ... not just the next month or two. Set aside $5 or $10 each week so you have a cushion in case you can't work or your car or house needs a major repair.

There was a fellow who emptied the change in his pants pocket every night into a jar. Now that doesn't sound like much, but you would be surprised how much it can amount to. In a year's time he had saved over $300.

Instead of spending time complaining how things aren't fair, stop and look at all the good in your life and the positive things you can do to help yourself.

When things get tough, remember the story of the little red engine who finally realized saying "I can't" failed to get him up the hill. It was only when he changed his attitude to "I can" that he accomplished his goal.


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