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Derby Delight

Glasgow's Pinewood Tradition Stays On Track


Bonnie Davidson / The Courier

Jackson Bishop votes along with everyone else in the Pinewood Derby crowd for the cars that were the most creative, colorful, realistic and more.

A controlled version of chaos could describe the scene at St. Raphael's Parish Hall in Glasgow. Children and adults of various ages gathered to cheer on, encourage and see the final outcome of hard work on small wooden cars.

The annual Pinewood Derby is something that Boy Scouts across the nation take part in. It helps build several skills, including healthy competition. This year about 24 kids, ages 7 to 11, participated from Pack #898. Cub Master Blaine White somehow managed to keep the competition together amidst the running and shouting of excitement as the boys worked on finishing touches.

They had about a month to prepare for the event, although most didn't start working on their cars until the week before the competition. They had some specifications to follow, such as lengths at 7-inches, and none could weigh over five ounces. Parents probably had to help with cutting the wood and making sure that those specifications were met. The cars were weighed in before the competition began.

The spectators had a chance to vote on their favorites as they lined up on a table. Without even hitting the track a handful of kids took home awards for their designs. Andy Hanson won for most realistic, Chase Schultz took home the most colorful award, Aidan Redstone won most patriotic by a landslide, Josh Gibson won most creative, Davis Tolzien won the fastest looking, Charlie Soper took home the funniest and Tristan Powell won for the best paint job.

They raced on a number system that separated them into different heats. They raced multiple times in those heats to pick out those who actually won the race. While there were tears from a few who didn't make it into the top tier, most were excited to see their peers doing well.

"I put more weight on the front and the bottom," Ethyn Schindler, 9, said at the competition. He claimed he worked about five days on his all black vehicle. When told that maybe it looked kind of like the Bat Mobile he replied quickly with an "ew."

Roman Fast, 7, said he worked on his car for about two days with his mom's help. This was his first time racing in the Pinewood Derby and his excitement was obvious as he could barely sit still in his seat. Schindler said this was his second time in the competition.

The parish hall filled up on one side as spectators, friends and family came to cheer on those they knew. They could be heard cheering on different kids and offering support to those who were upset by the results if they found themselves in the bottom tiers.

An occasional fist pump could be seen, followed by a "yes!" The boys gravitated towards the end of the track to watch who would make it to the end first. A few victory dances also took place which made several spectators chuckle.

Schindler was convinced he'd make it to the top this year. While he seemed a little disappointed in the end, he was still happy to win the third spot in the Bears and Weblos group. The Tiger Cubs and Wolves also had separate groups that raced. With the top four racing against each other to take the final top spot.

Tolzien may have had something, as he won fastest looking he took second in the overall winner. Braxton Potter took the first place overall and Tanner White took third. Potter and Tolzien tied for first in the Tiger Cubs group, followed by Michael Chitty. In the Wolves group, William Allen took first, Adam Mickelson took second and Michael Alvernaz took third. In the Bears and Weblos group White took first, Jackson Bishop too second and Schindler took third.

Bonnie Davidson / For The Courier

: Jackson Bishop is bent over chanting his hopes for a derby victory, while Vaughn Miller, Tanner White, Cody Godwin and Michael Kelly await the results.


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