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Fort Peck Tribes OK Prescription Pot

And Recreational Marijuana Could Be On The Way


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This pot was grown here in Valley County. It became criminal evidence, and the photo is courtesy of the Valley County Sheriff's Office. With the Fort Peck Reservation legalizing medical marijuana and a vote for reservation residents coming in October on recreational use, there could be some blurred lines about what's legal and what's not in the county.

It was a bit of news that caught statewide attention last week. The Fort Peck Journal covered the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribal Council decision to legalize medical marijuana during their first meeting in the new year.

Headlines were splashed around in December that the Obama administration was going to allow Native American tribes to decide amongst themselves whether or not they wanted to legalize and distribute marijuana. While that decision is up to the tribes, there will still be some federal restrictions, such as selling to minors, growing on public lands and being careful not to allow Native American marijuana to spread or be distributed in states where marijuana is not legalized.

The Fort Peck Tribal Council discussed the issue and Fort Peck Journal Reporter Louis Montclair reported that they decided to approve medicinal marijuana that evening to take advantage of this year's growing season. He stated in his story that they would try to have laws and guidelines in place by June 1, 2015.

They also would be putting it to vote for tribal members in October on whether or not they legalize recreational marijuana. There were still many questions unanswered, and probably some gray lines that will have to be addressed before decisions and laws are finalized for the tribes. The Courier will follow this story and report on how this might affect local law enforcement and the local community.


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