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By Sandy Laumeyer
Just A Thought 

Huge Small Moments


There are small moments in a person’s life that are huge. Other small moments turn into victories.

As I stepped out of the church pew at the end of the service, one of my grandsons looked up at me and said, “Grandma, I’m going to light a candle for you.”

I put my arm around him, gave him a hug, and replied, “Thank you. You are very special to me.”

With a very serious expression on his face, he told me, “You are very special to me!”

A small moment but one filled with complete love and compassion.

Lately there’s been other small moments filled with deep meaning in my life. After not being able to roll over onto my left side in bed and sleep for almost three months, I finally accomplished that several weeks ago. It may not seem like very much to anyone else, but to me it spoke of a small victory in my battle with cancer.

The ability to wash, dry, and put away a load of laundry told me I’ve started to regain some of my strength.

One side effect of a medicine I am taking is my mouth gets sore. Following some research, I mixed up a small amount of baking soda with water and used it as a mouthwash several times a day. The second day after starting that regimen, I noticed the soreness was less.

A few years ago, seeing my hair start to return after losing all of it from six months of chemotherapy made me feel like celebrating with a glass of champagne. Especially when my hair had grown long enough I had to have it cut.

That first time I could once again experience the real taste of food brought me many smiles.

Recently, a grandson came to see me after school. He picked up the phone, called his mother to tell her he was at my house and I smiled as I heard him say, “I came over to Grandma’s to check on her. She’s okay.”

In discussing our family’s annual baking day recently, my granddaughter asked if we could make Pavlova. Several years ago when a friend of mine from England was visiting me, we made it instead of a cake for one of my son’s birthdays. I had no idea my granddaughter had enjoyed it so much she wants to learn how to make it.

Discovering a special necklace I’d misplaced quite a long while ago, I immediately saw my daughter’s face. She’d given me the necklace for Christmas several years ago.

Small moments ... tiny moments ... but moments filled with joy, love, memories, and sometimes even a tear or two.

May this Christmas bring all of you small moments that will grow into memories bigger than the moment.


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