By Virgil Vaupel
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If You're Not Here Legally, Get Out


With a president whose credibility and ability has been questioned by nearly 60 percent of the population and a Congress that's in the dumper with an 18 percent for and 82 percent against approval rating, I believe it's time to take a closer look at the folks running our affairs.

Obama says, “Anyone who has been in this country for five years or more” should be awarded citizenship or at least a legal green card. He doesn't qualify those here legally, quasi-legally or illegally. To me it's a no-brainer. If you are in my country illegally, get the hell out. Simple as that. Do not pass go. Do not collect $500 in welfare money or food stamps. Just geaux away.

The fly in the buttermilk is this: “How did you get here?”

1. Were you in your mother's womb when she crossed the border illegally?

2. Were you led across the border at the age of 5, holding onto your mother's skirts?

3. Were you contacted while in your home country by a cousin already here in America telling you to “hurry up and get here. There are many jobs.”

4. Were you kidnapped, thrown onto the back of a burro and brought across the border blindfolded, through the desert in the dead of night by a band of gypsies, only to be dumped off in the middle of Tucson alone?

On No. 1, my thinking is this. If you obtained access to the United States through no fault of your own, you should be awarded a green card. Even though you've been here for 25 years, it's not your fault. To those of you who attended school here, have steady employment, or own a home or are married and have children or did military service, here's your card. Welcome to the legal world.

No. 2 pretty much falls under the same category. It wasn't your choice. Of course, if you have been convicted of a felony, been involved with the manufacturing or selling of drugs, been convicted of fostering prostitution or been proven to have been party to any other illegal activities, you must go. We don't want you.

No 3. could be the sticky wicket. Did you come here in search of real employment or in search of the multitude of benefits available to you because you are here illegally?

No 4. Yeah, right! Now turn your lying A around and head south. Break back into your own country.

As for those hundred thousand children who have snuck into my country, I say, “shoot the parents.” They're the wrongdoers here. Not the kids. But we cannot allow the children to remain here. Period. Send them ALL back. You bleedin' hearts can go soak your head. See, the problem with the kids being left here is, it was their parents' diabolical plan to begin with thinking “if my kid is allowed to stay, he/she/they can contact me about where they are and I will find them. The American government wouldn't toss out the mother of this child would they?”

I would venture a guess that most of those hundred thousand kids have a mother. She lives somewhere in Mexico or Central America. They also have a father. So by doing some tricky math we can see that if the kids are allowed to stay, that action will precipitate another 200,000 people infiltrating the US. Then, follows the grandparents and a multitude of “cousins.”

I shouldn't aim all my vitriolic rant at those south of our border. We are experiencing a real problem with Somalians, Chechnyans, Syrians, Ukrainian and Russian Mafia types and the Nation Of Islam.

Now, we all idolize our movie stars and believe everything they tell us. We join in their “saving the world” BS as if they really don't pull their pants on the same way we do. Most of them are idiots. Case in point: Ben Afleck made the statement that “only 20 percent of Muslims want to do harm to the United States.” Ben ... that gives me an absolute “warm and fuzzy!” I feel all safe and secure. Imagine that! Just 20 percent want to harm us. Only 20 percent are practicing global terrorism in order to gain world dominance by the Muslims.

ONLY 20 percent of the 1.5 billion Muslims want to harm the United States.

Do the math and then tell me ... do you really feel safe allowing even just one Muslim to infiltrate our country? Or are you one of the “Hollywood Knows Best” idiots who subscribe to Tinsel Town's insipid pap?

Alright, I'll do the math for you. Twenty percent of 1.5 billion is “only” 300,000,000. This number nearly equals the entire population of the United States. Thank you Ben Afleck for the info.

Immigration began in this country when the white population immigrated here back in the early 1600s. Without them we wouldn't be speaking English today.

I would imagine the First People who inhabited the country at the time were curious to begin with, but as history has shown, they figured out this mass infiltration of “the white man” onto their homeland and hunting grounds wasn't in their best interests and they fought back to save their land.

It didn't work for them. Will it work for us?

That's it for now folks. Thanks for listening.


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