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By Virgil Vaupel
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The ISIS Crisis


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to recall a very poker-faced Barry Obama telling us and the world a few weeks ago that – and I para-phrase here – there will not be any more American sons and daughters fighting on foreign soil, meaning, I suppose, no American boots on the ground in Syria or Iraq.

He was very emphatic about this and repeated it twice.

So now all we can do is orchestrate air strikes against the malcontents who defile women, blatantly line up non-Muslim men along a ditch and gun them down and who espouse the slogan “Death to America.” One of them even said “We are coming for Barack Obama.” ("60 Minutes," 9/21/14.)

If I could face-to-face that feller I would tell him "Well, OK Bub the U.S. will give you Obama but first, what do you have for trading material?" At this point in time, and given the president's track record, I would accept a couple goats and a camel. As Costner said in Dances With Wolves, “Good Trade.”

As I watched a portion of the aforementioned "60 Minutes" with Scott Pelly, I was thinking this is a blatant and transparent attempt to soften Obama's words about “no boots”....etc.

See, here's the rub. Obama stuck his foot in his college educated mouth when he made those statements. It was a promise that he knew he couldn't keep. I'm saying he knew there will be boots on the ground and some American sons and daughters will be brought home in flag-draped coffins.

He knew that this being an election year he had to tell the American voters that he is protecting their young people from having to participate in yet another, continuing war in the Middle East. A war that is still and always has been about oil.

So what does Scott Pelly do? Did you watch? Obama has been touting, all along that he wants more "transparency" in government. Well there it was ... a transparent attempt to gain support for the impending troop deployment to the Middle East.

The writers of "60 Minutes" showed graphic video of hundreds of non-Muslim men being made to lie on their bellies in the dirt while ISIS thugs massacred them all and dumped them into a communal grave.

Here's the irony of that whole deal. The ISIS is being well armed with weapons stolen from the Syrian Army. Weapons that America “sold” to the Syrians to help them fight the bad guys. Now the bad guys have the American weaponry and are using it against non-Muslims (and some Americans) in Syria and Iraq.

And now Obama wants the U.S. Congress to approve millions more taxpayers dollars to send the good guys more arms and ammo most of which will end up in the bad guy's arsenal. Yikes!

"60 Minutes" also played to 18 to 45 females to gain support for sending troops to the area by showing a non-Muslim woman, face covered to protect her identity, telling of atrocities perpetrated against women who refuse to convert to the Islamic faith. These women “are raped, sexually molested, beaten and abused. A young girl can be sold for $800 on the open market.” She went on to say that “other young women and girls are given to ISIS members as favors and awards.”

She went on to tell of being taken to a village, not her own, and placed in a small room with many other non-Muslim women. They were told if they convert they would be spared.

In my opinion, this type of TV journalism was intended to inflame and incite American women into defending those abused women by sending American soldiers to save them. And allowing Obama to save face for telling the whoppers he knew were false when he uttered them.

I'm not saying that it's all bad. Those women need humanitarian protection from those ISIS monsters, but this "60 Minutes" program couldn't have been more pro Obama if the president's writers had written it themselves.

Did they?

That's it for now folks. Thanks for listening.


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