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Historic Train Car Rolls Through Glasgow


Bonnie Davidson / The Courier

The Patron Tequila Express stopped in Glasgow briefly on Thursday, Sept. 18. The observation room, lower photo, features detailed wood carvings from India.

It was gone with the wind as it quickly stopped for a few minutes and left Glasgow. Just enough time for a reporter to hop on board scope out the décor and jump down before passengers continued their journey east.

An historic train car from 1927 made the stop as it crossed the country. Greg Cohen chauffeured a few reporters quickly in and out of the train in smaller towns as it made its way to final destinations. It made it to Glasgow last Thursday, Sept. 18.

The train car is part of an era where the wealthy owned a personal train car. This train car, #50, transported Clark Gable, Franklin D. Roosevelt and the scandalous Huey P. Long.

The car got a second life in the 1980s, when Patron spent at least $2 million to restore the car after finding it in a junkyard. The car is now one of only 175 private rail cars left that travel on the Amtrak rails. It has a gourmet kitchen, a formal dining room, three private rooms and an intricately designed and plush observation room. It also has a hidden theater.

The most breathtaking features is the hand carved wood, full of details. The wood carvings came all the way from India.

The Patron Tequila Express is now making stops to promote a new liquor, Roca Patron. Hunger Heres explained that they were heading for Minneapolis.

"It takes a lot to keep it up," Heres said. "It's the Patron toy way to build awareness of the brand and a way to keep the old school way of the travel on the rails."

Patron Tequila Express / For the Courier


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