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By Virgil Vaupel
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War Of Words: Only The Names Have Changed


I recently received an email newsletter from U.S. Rep. Daines, who is doing his very best to “protect and defend” in Washington, D.C.

The subject was “Only the Iraqis can secure their future.”

The letter went on to say and I quote directly, “Dear friend, Last night I voted for an amendment to the Defense appropriations bill to prevent more American troops in Iraq.

“I strongly oppose sending more American troops to Iraq and believe only Iraqis can secure their future.

“Iraqi leadership must address the concerns of their citizens from all sects and ethnicities, and Iraqi Security Forces must fight against Al-Qaeda-linked forces with urgency and resolve.

“The President must also closely consult with congress and seek necessary authorization as decisions regarding the United States' role in Iraq are made.”

End of quote

Now, here's the test. Let's just say this was a letter posted by some senator or representative back in the Vietnam era or when Korea was just starting.

For those of you who remember Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc., please substitute your “favorite” war locality for the word Iraq that's in bold in the above letter. That should bring back fond memories to those of you who served in Korea and Vietnam especially.

The letter would read something like this: Only Vietnamese can secure their own future. Only Koreans can secure their own future. Only Afghanistan can … Well, you get the picture.

The battlegrounds I have mentioned above have cost the United States well over $5 trillion dollars in the past 60 years. Not to forget the tens of thousands of American lives lost.

To Rep. Daines, I say this: You aren't saying anything different than those who have gone before you – only the geographical names have been changed – but I applaud your tenacity in trying to protect Montana and the United States.

That's it for now folks. Thanks for listening.


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