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By Virgil Vaupel
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Political Correctness Gone Too Far


Has political correctness (and our own Constitution) given in to the Muslim radicals who would rid America of our cherished Christian beliefs?

By my unofficial count, those people have cost America thousands of lost lives, thousands of lost work days and at least two trillion, and counting, taxpayer dollars. And the loss of life and dollars keep accelerating as we speak.

Have you been on an airplane recently and through the TSA searches? That program has cost taxpayers billions of dollars, and I don't think anyone in government can state, emphatically, that these invasive searches have saved a single American life.

You might say that most Muslims living in the United State are good, industrious, hard working, Allah fearing people who just want a better life. Maybe, but who are the ones who aren't? And how do we sort them out when we are handcuffed and gagged by religious correctness?

Since 1968, by my count, there have been over 25 attacks on U.S. installations around the world and in our own country, perpetrated by “Muslim males.” Remember the Marine barracks in Beirut? Or the Munich Olympics, Pan Am 747 at Cairo, incidents at U.S embassies in Iran, Kenya and Tanzania, the World Trade Center in 1993, and both World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon in 2001? Remember reporter Daniel Pearl, kidnapped and publicly beheaded? The Boston Marathon pressure cooked bombings?

In all these bombings and killings the perpetrators were Muslim males. Some of the 911 suicide-pilots took their flight training in Florida. Who checked their credentials? How did they slip in under the radar as the “polite, industrious young man, who lived in the apartment next to mine.”

Muslims and other religions factions, along with the ACLU, have made it religiously incorrect to utter the name Jesus in our military prayers and in other public places. Our Ten Commandments have been torn down from public buildings. It is politically incorrect to pray a prayer in school for fear of offending someone of a differing faith.

What about those American Christians who are being offended by NOT being able to say a small prayer in school or any other public venue?

And what about the outlay of taxpayer money to provide foot washing stations in public schools and universities so the Muslim students can wash their feet before praying.

Meanwhile, prominent speakers in the United States are sanctioned for their use of “God” or “Jesus” in their speeches to graduating classes of our colleges and universities.

Muslims in our military are bringing change to the uniforms proudly worn by U.S. servicemen and women by demanding they be allowed to wear their turban head gear. I do NOT trust Muslims in our military. Too easy for the terrorists to tell them, “If you want your family in Afghanistan to be safe, you will do as we say.” Leading to what?

You come to my house, you play by my rules. Whether or not I believe in the teachings of the Bible is of no consequence here. I merely want the United States to remain a predominantly Christian country as was intended when our founding fathers wrote what would be the foundation for the United States Constitution.

I have no cherished desire to live under Sharia law. I don't want to be forced to pray at specific times or places. I don't want my granddaughters to be taught to be subservient. I don't want to wear a turban. My ball cap or Stetson suit me just fine.

According to news reports and women's rights advocates, in 2013 from about 900 to thousands of women in Pakistan were stoned to death or murdered in some way just because they married out of the Muslim faith, didn’t marry the man “picked” by her father, or were considered to have entered into an “unclean” marriage according to Muslim Law.

We Americans, with our condescending, complacent attitudes fraught with guilt feelings that we have so much and “they” have so little, have let our feelings lead us right up to the brink of destruction.

And don't think the problem is only here in the United States. The Nation of Islam has infiltrated the very borders of Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain, France, Australia, Canada and other mostly Christian nations.

Elements of Sharia law are in effect in some Western nations. Muslims want to build numerous mosques in and around the major cities. Just as they are demanding in New York City, New York, USA.

What's wrong with that you ask? Will you still be asking that when the car bombers and suicide/homicide bombers start doing their thing right here in our country?

Don't even think it can't happen here.

That's it for now folks. Thanks for listening.


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