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The Guns Come Out

Collectors Flock To The Glasgow Civic Center For The Annual Gun Show


Quinn Robinson / For The Courier

Gun enthusiasts make their rounds the Glasgow Civic Center during The Glasgow Gun Show this past weekend. The show draws numerous vendors from around the area annually.

It was a busy weekend for gun collectors and enthusiasts alike as the Glasgow Gun Show was held this past weekend at the Glasgow Civic Center.

This is the third consecutive year that the show has been organized by Al Kwasinski.

Kwasinski, a member of the Weapons Collectors of Montana, said that organizing an event like this takes months of planning.

"When the vendors leave here today, a lot of them will tell me to book them for next year," Kwasinski said.

He pointed out that for those who don't put their name in to be a vendor the following year, Kwasinski will send out fliers at the beginning of December to let them know about the gun show. At that point, the vendors have basically until the week of the event to let Kwasinski know if they will rent out a table at the show.

In order for vendors to get a table at the show here in Glasgow, Kwasinski said that he charges a flat rate for the weekend to reserve the spots for the vendors.

Kwasinski said that throughout his years of going to gun shows, his favorite class of guns are the antiques.

"I've seen some of the most fantastic antique weapons in mint condition," Kwasinski said. "The newer guns, I'm not a big fan of. The wooden guns, that's more to my preference."

Kwasinski said that collectors who keep their guns in prime condition as ones he has seen over the years are the collectors who really take time and appreciate gun collecting.

For those who are new to gun shows and are looking to make their first purchase at a gun show, Kwasinski has some words of warning.

"Don't be a spur of the moment type buyer," Kwasinski said. "Look at all of the different guns at least two or three times, and be prepared to come back to the show a second day and then make your decision."

Kwasinski said that the process doesn't stop there though.

"Also, make sure you deal with the vendor," Kwasinski said. "Vendors might have a price tag on the gun, but most of vendors will work with the buyer."


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